Vpon values data applications and transactions and has committed a great number of resources to build a legal and compliant data transaction platform.

data applications and transactions

“Data” is considered the oil of the 21st century and people’s lives have long been inseparable from the “internet.” We can watch today’s popular videos on the internet with mobile phones or tablets, post photos of overseas travel on social media accounts, scroll through friends’ real-time news feed, and use social media applications to connect with family members, and many Apps can be connected to home equipment so that people can set the time to switch on home appliances before arriving at home. These behaviors connected by the internet have “data” behind them which can be analyzed one by one. Therefore, the more the data can be grasped and analyzed, the better the consumer preferences can be understood, which then facilitates the formulation of strategies.

“Sunrise Medium” recently and a Podcast interview with Vpon founder and CEO Victor Wu, and he shared how Vpon explores secrets behind data and the corporate group spent years building a cross-border data transaction platform “Wee Global Data Marketplace” which enables “legal and compliant” transactions between data suppliers and users. The platform has been approved and used by the government of Japan, indicating that it has met the most stringent regulations in Asia, and the company also has spent more than NT$10 million a year in maintaining legality and compliance.

Victor believes that “the right to use the data should go back to customers.” Vpon’s services will not take any sensitive personal privacy data, and will only use the data to understand the behavior attributes of each device or terminal that is disconnected from people.

Vpon has undergone many transformations since its establishment in 2008, gradually shifting from advertising to data transactions. However, the philosophy of the founder and CEO Victor has always remained the same, “For me, ‘data’ is my direction to the West. No matter where I start from and what method I use, sooner or later I will reach the west and become a global data company, which is our goal.”

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Link to the program: Data will be the oil in the internet era. The principle of fair data transaction enables Vpon to successfully enter the Japanese market, featuring Victor Wu.



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