Vpon AI Big Data Group and Dentsu Forge First-of-Its-Kind Alliance in Thailand to Redefine Digital Synergy

Empowering Businesses with Next-Level Data Solutions for Enhanced CX

[Bangkok, 7 March 2024] – Vpon AI Big Data Group, a pioneering force in AI big data analytics, and dentsu, one of the largest global marketing and advertising agency networks, are excited to announce a strategic partnership to revolutionize hyper-personalization experiences through data activation. This transformative alliance was unveiled at MARTECH EXPO 2024 in the presence of industry leaders and stakeholders.

Integration into Vpon’s AI data ecosystem will grant access to a network of 101 million monthly active devices and 121 million premier point-of-interest inventories, enhancing dentsu’s ability to tailor strategies and gain a competitive edge. This first-of-its-kind  collaboration in Thailand will, therefore, enable dentsu to expand client reach internationally, accessing markets in the markets of Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other key regions.

With 17 years of experience in premium data services across the Asia-Pacific region, Vpon understands the challenges businesses encounter in integrating data effectively. Common hurdles like limited targeting options and data integrity issues hinder client acquisition efforts. Vpon addresses this with a customizable AI data solution allowing tailored audience segments. Covering various mobile user data dimensions, Vpon’s high-quality data, sourced reliably and processed by experts, empowers brands to shape their ideal audiences effectively.

Victor Wu, CEO & Founder at Vpon AI Big Data Group, envisioned, “AI is experiencing an unprecedented surge, and at the heart of its innovation is data. Our vision is to leverage the seamless integration of AI and data as the pivotal force driving the next wave of transformative technology, ultimately enhancing efficiency of the industry and the quality of human life.”

With clients in tourism, banking, retail, and government, Vpon aims for global expansion. Kenneth Leung, Vice President of Sales & Operations, Asia at Vpon, remarked, “We’re collaboratively building a global data network to unlock our clients’ data potential. By merging this vision with dentsu’s expertise in impactful customer experiences, we’re dedicated to delivering unparalleled data solutions to businesses in Thailand and beyond.”

Embarking on a collaborative journey, Vpon AI Big Data Group and dentsu Thailand are committed to redefining the marketing landscape. Their focus is on empowering clients to think big, transcending existing boundaries. Leveraging their combined expertise and innovative approaches, they aim to deliver exceptional results, fostering sustained growth for their clients.

“Our core focus in CXM is on creating human-centric customer experience solutions. We’re committed to innovation and chose to partner with Vpon for their global coverage and robust technical support. This collaboration empowers us and our clients to monetize data, driving long-term growth and engagement.” Apirada Benchakaranee, CEO of Customer Experience Management (CXM) at dentsu Thailand concluded.

About Vpon AI Big Data Group

Vpon AI Big Data Group, a leading AI big data company focused on data analytics built with cutting-edge technologies to provide clients with the broadest set of mobile data across Asia in delivering effective AI data-driven solutions.

About dentsu 

Dentsu is the network designed for what’s next, helping clients predict and plan for disruptive future opportunities in the sustainable economy. Taking a people-centered approach to business transformation, dentsu combines Japanese innovation with a diverse, global perspective to drive client growth and to shape society.


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