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From 0 to ∞, boost your data value, and filling in all the gaps

Wee is a comprehensive all-in-one global data platform that helps business, brands and government departments to analyse their first-party data (of various industries). Through the third-party data provided by Wee platform, it enables the 360-degree profiling of the audience. By understanding the audience’s preferences, it facilitates precise marketing and governance strategies. Regardless of which stage you are seeking for within this process, Wee can fulfill all the following aspects and provide you a long-term and cyclical service!

  • Precise Domestic & Cross-boarder Marketing
  • Store Location Selection
  • AI Applications
  • Operations Management
  • Urban Planning
Wee Data Activation
Data Activation
  • Audience Data
  • Data Suppliers
Wee Data Activation
Data Application
  • Tourism Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
  • App Analysis
Wee Data Activation
Data Analysis
  • First-party Data Solution
  • Consulting Services
Wee Data Activation
Data Collection

Why do you need Wee?

If you are…
Someone who needs to manage 1st Party Data

Businesses, brands, or governments that possess first-party data and require a professional team, together with a fast, user-friendly platform to assist in analyzing and understanding their data sources.

Someone who needs to integrate 3rd Party Data

They needs legitimate and compliant data packages to combine with their first-party data for broader audience analysis. This enables them to implement more precise strategic planning and improve efficiency.

Data Suppliers

They are seeking to a secure channel to help monetize their data under legal and compliant conditions. Wee provides a trusted platform that ensures the highest level of protection for both data suppliers and their data. Many leading companies have already chosen Wee for their data monetization conversions, so you may confidently explore and evaluate its benefits.

Benefits you can get from Wee Platform

Building Your Database
For customers who have not yet started to build up their data assets, we provide assistance in establishing self-sustaining data sources.
Expanding Your Data Dimensions
Addressing data gaps by partnering with various types of data suppliers to enhance the data profiles.
Data Monetization
Optimizing the value of proprietary data to transform it into business value and profit.

Wee’s Features

Data Application

Open data integration, oversee the market trend in the big picture

To gain a deeper understanding of local and cross-border footfall data, consumer data, POI (Point of Interest) data, App data, open data, and other relevant information, you can leverage the integration and analysis of first-party and third-party data. This approach broadens and enriches the perspectives of data, enabling you to have a macro-level insight capability.

Data Collection

Maximise the value of your first-party data

Acquire your first-party data via Wee, allowing your internal data to continuously create and unleash its value. You can also leverage GA (Google Analytics), data monitoring dashboards, Vpon’s expert consulting services and our own Data SDK to facilitates faster, smarter, and compliant collections of your first-party data.

Data Analysis

Data-driven strategy planning through multidimensional data analysis

By leveraging Wee, you can gain a deeper understanding of data and derive insights. The platform enables the integration of external and internal data to develop corresponding strategy planning. Wee provides user-friendly dashboard with audience profile analysis in a glance. It allows the inclusion of first-party data and the reference of third-party data to grasp market dynamics and trends.

Data Activation

Targeting and segmentation of precise audience for your message

Utilize data to enhance your digital marketing by delivering to the right target audience, then convert the data into actionable insights for better strategies to increase business revenue. With the power of precise audience segmentation, personalization, targeted advertising, and data analysis, you can identify your opportunities with high precision.

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