OMO AI Platform

We Offer Omnichannel Precise Marketing

Enhances Brand Promotion Effectiveness through AI-Powered Services

With an extensive reach of over 900 million mobile devices across Asia, Vnity leverages high-quality advertising and traffic to assist you in targeting mobile-first audiences, thereby boosting engagement rates. Combined with AI-generated strategies, we facilitate effective optimization. You no longer need to worry about how to effectively advertise on mobile devices to attract new customers. With a variety of OMO (Online Merges with Offline) advertising formats, we provide precise ad placements, uncover more business opportunities, and enhance ad campaign efficiency.

How Vnity Helps Your Brand Promotion?

Eye-Catching Interactive Materials
Support for Various Advertising
Cross Screens Multiple Placement
Across Multiple Devices
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets & desktops
Brand Safety Assurance
Effectiveness Monitoring
  • iAB Tech Lab certification OM SDK support for third-party data verification
  • Professional team ensuring high-quality media
  • Strict system auditing exposure and click standards

How Does Vnity Enhances Your Sales?

Ad Data Reutilization

Through the delivery of ads and data generated from Vnity, Vpon can assist you in leverage data solutions to continuously optimize your advertising effectiveness. 
By combining first-party and third-party data, we make it easier to increase sales to existing customers. This data can also be integrated into your internal Customer Data Platform (CDP) or Data Management Platform (DMP), and can even be utilized  sustainably on external platforms such as  Google and Meta.

Real-time Personalization

Using Vnity’s advertising technology, our platform can personalize your ads according to your needs. We optimize delivery strategies based on factors such as device type, geographical location, weather, consumer preferences, and more, ensuring that your business remains at the forefront of advertising intelligence.

AI Optimization

Unlocking the potential of AI-driven solutions. Our platform harnesses the power of advanced AI algorithms to refine advertising strategies, ensuring that your campaigns are not only data-driven but also adapt intelligently to market dynamics.

Vnity OMO AI Cross-border Marketing

Before Travel

Tracking audiences who have previously visited travel-related apps or websites and expanding ad campaigns to high-potential segments with similar behavior using look-alike technology.

During Travel

Utilizing multi-dimensional analysis, including location data, operating system language, telecommunications provider, and other aspects, to assign specific individuals with traveler tags and carry out advertising campaigns, guiding travelers to make in-store purchases or visit tourist attractions.

After Travel

Recording previously engaged travelers and conducting retargeting based on their preferences, recommending services and products for the audience’s next journey.


Secret to Brand Success - Reaching Potential Clients with Data
Tracking audiences who have previously visited travel-related apps or websites, and expanding advertising to reach high-potential groups with similar behavior using Look-alike technology.
Hachimantai - Tourism

Rejuvenation of local tourism by Hachimantai DMO

New Blue Ocean Strategy of Real Estate Sector - The Key to Turn Crisis Into Opportunities

Vpon plays the role of a data analysis expert to assist local brands in seizing sales opportunities, advancing their digital transformation, and industry positioning. We identify the winning keys that turn crises into opportunities.

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