Retail Channel Big Data Solution

Industry Analysis
eCommerce is on the rise, what’s the secret to a successful transformation?

Understand consumption behavior and online & offline footprint.

FMCG's digital transformation is accelerating which online shopping has become the new trend, Vpon leverages data and ad solutions to solve the challenges.

Empower The Location & Customizable Data

Vpon's proprietary DMP collects & analyzes customer behavior and location data from wide range of premium sources, subsequently turns customer insights into actionable data, thereby customising pre-defined segments with precision on prospecting and targeting specific audience groups.

Blending the online & offline experience

Shifting away from the traditional OOH/DOOH's solely offline approach, Vpon offers OMO solution integrating Programmatic Digital OOH and mobile advertising. pDOOH uses location data to optimize the OOH inventories based on consumer behaviour and digital footprint, and subsequently retain the targeted customers through mobile channels to keep them engaged with the brands.

Expansive ad delivery

More opportunities to tap into customer's lifestyle with Vpon's with high-quality ad network and premium traffic, integrating with data-driven approach to stimulated sales performance.

Retail Channel Big Data Solution Application Examples

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