Data empowerment! Vpon joins hands with the General Chamber of Commerce for industry, government, and academia collaboration to co-create an insurance data ecosystem


The waves of digital transformation in the post-epidemic era have been sweeping the world, and the emergence of fintech has accelerated the digitalization process of the insurance industry. Incorporating the use of digital tools and accurately grasping the profile of policyholders and their actual insurance needs and other data have become the keys to maximizing the insurance industry value chain. In order to help industry practitioners promote digital transformation, the General Chamber of Commerce has joined hands with the Department of Risk Management and Insurance at National Chengchi University and well-known companies in the industry such as Vpon Big Data Group, a leading brand in data solutions, to hold a data application conference for the insurance industry. The event consolidated resources from the industry, government, and academia network and invited experts in the insurance industry to conduct discussions. More than a hundred participants from the industry and media joined the event to explore the diverse data applications, further driving the establishment of a robust insurance data ecosystem.

“Amid the ever-changing market and industry, finding the needs for the huge and complex data is the key to the success of companies. Our core philosophy is to use data to drive our business growth. We target diverse industries and various business models and consolidate their external and internal needs for data and then provide comprehensive data solutions to help our clients build a data ecosystem to connect people and create new business opportunities,” Vpon founder and CEO Victor Wu said. “In this conference, we share the implementation and use of data technologies with experts in the industry, government, and academia sectors, and hope that we can continue to join hands with professionals in various industries to lay the foundation for the digital transformation of the insurance industry.”

In terms of technological tools, Casper Koh, the President of Vpon, served as the keynote speaker, focusing on BI, data analysis, and other applications and discussions. Recognizing the growing data volume in the insurance industry and the associated data management cost, Vpon will apply its data integration technology to the insurance industry to help practitioners grasp market insight and customer overview so that they can accurately reach their potential audiences, expand business opportunities and accelerate the establishment of the insurance data ecosystem.

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