How to resolve errors displayed in the Looker Studio reports?

How to resolve errors displayed in the Looker Studio reports?

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What is Looker Studio?

Google Looker Studio can analyze and consolidate data from different sources (such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console), visualize the data, and make easy-to-understand and good-looking reports through simple steps.

Looker Studio “Dataset configuration error”

Looker studio Data Set Configuration Error

According to Google’s latest official policy on quota, starting 2022-11-07, data from the Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) connecting to Google Analytics 4 is subject to the quota restrictions of Google Analytics Data API (GA4), resulting in the failure of Looker Studio reports using GA4 data sources display data normally.

Therefore, if you have not made any changes recently to your GA4 reports, but they suddenly show that the dataset configurations have errors, it is most likely due to this quota problem.

GA4 API resource quota

Each API request verifies quotas have not been exhausted and consumes quotas. If any quota is exhausted, the request fails with a relevant error message.

Quota nameFree Paid
Quota name Free Paid Core tokens per resource per day25,000250,000
Core tokens per resource per hour5,00050,000
Core tokens per project per resource per hour 1,25012,500
Core concurrent requests per resource1050
Core server errors per project per resource per hour1050
Realtime tokens per resource per day25,000250,000
Realtime tokens per resource per hour5,00050,000
Realtime tokens per project per resource per hour1,25012,500
Realtime concurrent requests per resource1050
Realtime server errors per project per resource per hour1050
Funnel tokens per resource per day25,000250,000
Funnel tokens per resource per hour5,00050,000
Funnel tokens per project per resource per hour1,25012,500
Funnel concurrent requests per resource1050
Funnel server errors per project per resource per hour1050

Different numbers of consumption of tokens are calculated based on each request, and the specific consumption depends on the request. Most requests will consume up to 10 tokens.

4 solutions when Looker Studio displays errors

1.Reduce the number of users or data volume of GA4 report.

2.Use data sources that consume less resources to reduce the amount of data extracted.

3.Upgrade to GA4 360 to increase quota.

Potential issues in purchasing Analytics 360

Exposure of confidential information: Built-in reports cannot separate permissions, which may allow non-related personnel to see internal revenue information.
Reduced efficiency of analysis:The built-in custom analysis report cannot easily analyze charts, and needs to switch pages frequently for cross-analysis. The built-in event report is too simple to provide insight into key behaviors.
The report interpretation is difficult, making it hard to analyze product data in an advanced level:There are too many official dimension indicators, and the analysis is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Custom reports require additional custom dimensions and indicators. The procedure is relatively complicated and the learning cost is high.

4. Export data to BigQuery

The most effective solution, but not all dimensions and indicators that you want to see can be directly exported to BigQuery. A professional engineering team is required to process the data (ETL) and recalculate many built-in indicators before they can be displayed in Looker Studio.


No matter which of the above solutions is picked, it is recommended to first assess the needs of your own brand and determine a suitable solution. Vpon Intelligence combines machine learning and AI forecasting, and is a GMP product expert who can assist companies build BigQuery, and provide comprehensive and complete consultation and services to customize solutions for the abovementioned problems.

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