Before joining the tourism industry, please listen to how Vpon uses data to make decisions and successfully promote smart tourism


As countries lift their border restrictions and the tourism industry rebounds, are you planning to travel abroad or already on your way to other countries, or do you want to be a part of the tourism industry?

President Casper Koh of Vpon was recently invited by Yourator digital talent matching platform as one of the panelists at the “Travel Technology Career Forum.” With respect to the topic “How Data Empower Travel Industry,” he shared how Vpon’s cross-border data transaction platform, “Wee Global Data Platform” precisely and accurately defines the profile and needs of the target audience and forecast their potential consumption behaviors, so that clients can formulate more effective marketing strategies.

In an era where any mobile device can be connected to the internet, the acquisition of data becomes even easier. However, the source and validity of the data can be far more important than the acquisition itself. Casper also gave a successful example on how Vpon collaborated with the Japan Tourism Agency to combine the first-party data provided by clients and the third-party data compiled by the Wee Global Data Platform to build a tourist dashboard through a data visualization platform, which can depict the profile of consumers and target audience and their needs and further forecast possible future consumption behaviors. By utilizing the data, Vpon and various government agencies working on tourism in Japan were able to formulate effective measures and release different ads for tourists who travel to Japan for different purposes. They were also able to plan differentiated travel itineraries for travelers with different habits due to the country of origin, which further achieved precise and effective marketing and helped small towns around Japan to have community revitalization. Casper said that in the future Vpon will continue to find more benchmark partners in various fields to enroot the concept of “decision-making by data” in people’s minds, and create more successful cases in the field of smart tourism.

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