Unlocking Advertising Potential: Supercharge Your Creatives with InVnity AI Ad Creative Generator Tool

Unlocking-Advertising -Potential-Supercharge-Your-Creatives-with-AI-Ad-Creative-Generator-Tool
AI has been around for a while but with the new development of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI), creating new AI images couldn’t be easier. It only came to prominence a few years, and with the creation of ChatGPT, the movement is in momentum. Since then, it has been revolutionizing the world. Most prominently, it’s changed the way that content is produced. Clearly, this is bound to impact dozens of industries, including the world of advertising. Change can be daunting, but it also brings some exciting new tools for you to explore and carries the potential to supercharge your sales. Here’s everything you need to know to embrace this exciting opportunity.

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Why is Generative AI Becoming an Integral Part of Successful Advertising?

Well before AI, initiating a new campaign and generating content used to be a tedious endeavor.   Furthermore, the process of tracking, analyzing, and conducting A/B testing consumed substantial resources.

Today, AI changed all that. Now you can create new original images, iterations of current images, or new concepts very quickly. Thanks to AI, businesses can now reduce the amount of time spent on unfamiliar photo editing software and focus their valuable time and resources on generating fresh and creative ideas.  Ultimately, this leads to an effective campaign that captures audiences’ attention in a shorter amount of time.

What is InVnity AI Ad Creative Generator Tool?

InVnity developed by Vpon Big Data is an Ad creative generator tool to help businesses do just that. By utilizing generative AI technology, InVnity helps businesses with the image creation process to create ads faster and optimize their ad campaigns with more efficient A/B testing. This is very powerful because what used to take businesses 1 month to do can be done in just a few days. In addition, businesses can get feedback on their campaigns faster.

Businesses without in-house designers can now create high-quality ads quicker without the high cost that used to come with hiring an in-house designers.

Businesses that do house designers can now use AI as a productivity tool to help designers speed up the creative process tenfold. Using AI technology designers can focus more on the creative process and less on the technical software side of design applications. Read about The Role of AI Image Generator Tools for Modern Advertising Strategies.


For example, if you want to create an ad creative for your cake shop. You can simply type in the prompt “Delicious strawberry Cake on a wooden table, 4k, realistic, highly detailed” and then hit Create simple as that.

Then, sit back and relax, and let AI do the rest. Within minutes, you’ll be presented with plenty of potential creative ideas that you can use.

Once that’s done, you can start customizing images to fit your target audience for your campaigns.  In the end, you’ll have a series of campaign posts you love in no time. In fact, using AI for A/B testing to optimize your campaigns couldn’t be easier.

Enhance Your Business with InVnity AI Ad Creative Tool

You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to see the potential of a tool like this. Let’s explore some of the key tools that InVnity provides businesses and how they are used to enhance and optimize the creative process.

InVnity Accelerates the Ad Design Process

Now with AI, the process of making campaigns can be streamlined. What used to take weeks of planning to implement, can now be done within days.

By utilizing AI, employers can allocate their resources and attention to other crucial aspects of their business, rather than becoming overwhelmed by the intricacies of designing and executing an advertising campaign.

Designers love this technology because it allows them to create various concepts for a project to speed up the communication process. Thanks to AI, designers now have the ability to generate diverse concepts and present those ideas to their employers or clients instantly.

InVnity helps Optimize A/B Testing Process

A/B testing is a cornerstone of online advertising. To simply put it,  you create two slightly different campaigns, and see how the customer reacts to them to optimize conversion. Using InVnity AI makes this process easier than ever. Now you can quickly generate campaign variants and gather data on how they perform. With the data and the right AI analytics tools, your Ads can be optimized for your target audience to help generate better ROI.

InVnity Features that Amplify Creative Output

Making one piece of creative might be relatively quick. But what if you want a bigger campaign that targets multiple audiences? Or instead of just one scene, you wanted to see your subject from various different perspectives? Just ask the InVnity AI to do it for you. Let’s explore some of the key features in InVnity that truly amplify the supercharge your creative output.


IMG 2 IMG Manipulation: Create Variations of Your Favorite Images

Looking to create different variations of the same image? Img 2 Img Manipulation gives you the power to composite and create variations of your favorite images. Simply import an original image generated by InVnity AI Image generator, and then input different prompts to get a wide range of output images.

In this example,  we used  “Cheeseburger in a 1980’s restaurant” or “Cheeseburger with fries in a neon-lit restaurant” to generate a variation of the same subject but in different environments. This allows you to see the Cheeseburger in various scenes so you can get different perspectives that you may have not thought of.

This feature enables you to experiment and explore various creative possibilities, giving you the flexibility to design and tailor your images according to the preferences of your target audience.


Inpainting: Remove, Replace, and Fix Selected Areas in Images

Looking to change or fix an area of an image? With the Inpainting feature of InVnity, you have the ability to transform your images by effortlessly removing, replacing, or fixing specific areas. Simply import your desired image into InVnity and use the intuitive selection tool to pinpoint the areas you wish to modify. Then, by inputting various prompts, you can generate new images that accurately reflect the desired changes you envision.

Here we used the Inpainting feature to highlight the original subject. Then, by inputting the prompts like “cartoon boy eating pizza on a couch” or “orange couch in the living room, a cartoon show”, a completely new image is seamlessly altered & created. With the InVnity Inpainting feature, you can easily refine and perfect your images, achieving the desired results in less than 30 minutes.

InVnity is a powerful tool that accelerates the design process for ad creative generation. Its Dreambooth, Img 2 Img Manipulation, and Inpainting features provide users with innovative ways to synthesize, manipulate, and enhance images, enabling them to create stunning visuals with ease and efficiency.

Want to learn how InVnity can 10X your creatives, see the Loft Brew Case Study and how they experienced a 33% increase in Ad creative click through rates (CTR) and an overall increase of 57% in website traffic.


It’s not hard to see why AI is set to change the world of advertising forever. Leveraging InVnity AI Ad creative tool will make it easier to experiment with new ideas for a more immersive advertising campaign. Features like deep learning to create images and text make it easier than ever to make creatives. Want to experience InVnity AI for yourself? Check out Vpon’s InVnity and get everything you need to take your advertising to the next level. If you are looking for a way to leverage your design team to create the design, contact us for a quick demo.



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