The Powerful Role of AI Image Generator Tools for Modern Advertising Strategies


The advertising world has become more competitive than ever. The best part is that AI image generator tools make it easier than ever to create compelling visuals, so your campaign stands out. Let’s look at some of the ways this technology will change the lives of advertisers forever.

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How AI Image Generators are Changing Modern Marketing

The AI image generator is a  relatively new technology that only emerged in the past few years. They allow you to use sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms that use existing image data to create new photos, based on the keywords and prompts you select.


For example, you can search for something like ‘athlete running in the style of Pablo Picasso.”

It might take a bit of finessing to get a photo you like. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to generate eye-catching images for your marketing materials. Plus, each one will be completely unique.

Benefits of AI Image Generators in Advertising

There are dozens of reasons why you might want to try an AI image generator. The most prominent are:

  • Streamlining the Creative Process.
    Since they are powered by AI, these image generators work quickly. Within minutes, you’ll be able to start getting photos. This means that you can dedicate more time to customizing your images to perfectly suit your brand.
  • More Creative Scope.
    One of the best ways to grab an audience’s attention is by presenting something original and new. Traditionally, though, this type of innovation was limited to top-level brands, as they were the only ones who could afford to spend the time and money creating these campaigns. Now with AI you can create a multitude of creative assets to expand your creative scope when designing a campaign.
  • Personalizing ads.
    AI tools allow you to create multiple tailor-made images to suit all demographics. This is a great way for your business to expand, making it easier than ever to find new customers and target audiences.
  • Cost-effective marketing.
    Traditional marketing images are expensive. A single stock image could cost you $15. Even worse, this image isn’t unique and can be used by hundreds of other businesses. If you wanted to hire a photographer or designer, you could be looking at spending hundreds to thousands of dollars and several weeks on finalizing images.
  • Ad Optimization with better A/B Testing.

    A key part of any campaign is A/B testing is where you find what works and get rid of what doesn’t. This kind of pivot is easy with AI, within a few minutes, you can tweak your marketing images, analyze the ads that are working better for conversions and ultimately help you drive better conversion rates.

    Traditionally, in A/B testing, marketers had to manually create different versions of their content, collect data, and analyze the results. This approach was not only tedious but also prone to human errors and biases.

    Fortunately, AI generator tools have revolutionized the way A/B testing is conducted. With AI image generators, Marketers can have new marketings images in minutes and spend more effort on content and data analysis.

  • Faster content generation.
    You no longer need to spend hours combing through a stock image library to find the perfect shot or organizing professional photo shoots. AI tools create images you need with various iterations within minutes.

How AI Image Generation is Transforming the Advertising Industry

As you can imagine, AI image generation technology will transform the world of advertising and the creative process. Before AI Image Generators, designers and marketing agencies would need to create concept images, pitch the ideas, and then tweak the images to fit the client’s needs. This creative process not only took a lot of time but can also cause a lot of back and forth miscommunication.

Today with AI Image Generators, communication between marketing agencies & clients couldn’t be easier. As new images can be created quickly, businesses can communicate their ideas more efficiently and save time from the creative process. Then after you agree on the direction you want to take, the rest of the campaign is a breeze.

The benefits aren’t limited to Ad agencies. Businesses can now spend less time training staff and relying on in-house designers. In the past, they had to rely on complex image manipulation software like Photoshop, which required months to learn. Now, AI generator tools can be learned within days & allow businesses to get more creative.

The Challenges Facing AI Image Generation

Of course, AI image generation isn’t perfect. These are some of the biggest downsides of using these tools:

  • Copyright infringement.
    AI works by combing through a huge amount of data. This includes plenty of copyrighted images. This could lead to costly lawsuits, as artists try to sue you for incorporating or copying their style. Furthermore, current copyright law states that only human-made art can be protected by copyright. So, if you use AI-generated images you might not be eligible for copyright protection in the US.
  • Ethical concerns.
    There are a few reasons why some people say AI images aren’t ethical. First, they often steal the work of other artists, without giving them any credit. Secondly, they could devastate creative industries. If you can use AI tools to get beautiful art for free, why pay a human to create it for you?
  • Limited Creativity and Artistic Vision: 
    AI image generators lack the ability to truly conceptualize or think creatively like humans. They rely on patterns and predefined parameters, which can limit their ability to deliver highly innovative or emotionally impactful visuals. They are often generated based on existing patterns and datasets, which can result in images that feel generic or lack a distinct creative touch.
  • Misinterpretation of Context: 
    AI image generation algorithms may struggle to fully understand the context and intent behind a specific advertising message or campaign. As a result, the generated images may not effectively convey the intended message or align with the brand’s overall strategy.
  • Quality and Realism Limitations:
    While AI image generators have made significant advancements, they may still fall short in terms of producing images that are consistently high-quality and truly indistinguishable from human-created visuals. Imperfections in details, lighting, or proportions may sometimes be apparent.

AI Image Generator Tools Built for Digital Advertising & Marketing Agencies

Most of the AI image tools on the market aren’t suited for advertising. They are great at producing eye-catching images and artwork. But that isn’t the only thing advertisers need. For example, you need to be able to write catchy headlines and attention-grabbing text to sit alongside the image. They also can’t track the engagement your campaign is getting, so there’s no way of knowing what is resonating with your audience. 

With this in mind, Vpon Big Data Group created InVnity AI Ad Creative Generator to help businesses use the power of big data to fill in the gap when it comes to advertising design, post optimization, & placement.

Meet InVnity AI Ad Creative Generator

InVnity is an AI Ad creative generation tool designed to assist businesses with the generation of ad creatives. By harnessing the power of generative AI technology, InVnity utilizes AI and big data to design, adjust, and deliver ads 10 times more efficiently than traditional methods.

Trained AI Ad designers can input requirements and keywords combined with special prompts, and “InVnity” will output high quality ad images that can be used in various campaigns.

With additional features, like Inpainting, Img 2 Img Manipulation, & Dreambooth, InVnity helps AI Ad Designers remove the technical processes that take time so they can focus more on the creative process. If you would like to dive deeper into these great features check out Supercharge Your Ad Creatives with InVnity.

But here is a case study of how InVnity helped Loft Brew a Hong Kong Based soda (tonic) water company.

Case Study: Loft Brew Soda (Tonic) Water

About the Case Study:

Loft Brew is a Hong Kong Based company that makes Soda (Tonic) water. Traditionally tonic water is used for making cocktails and mixed with alcohol. So the product was marketed towards a younger crowd that used tonic water mainly for mixing with alcohol. What Loft Brew’s marketing team found from their research was that there was an audience of people who like drinking Tonic water for health. They wanted a quick way to create a campaign and test their campaign so they contacted Vpon.

The Goal:
Loft Brew wanted to create an innovative AI graphic ad campaign quickly to target the new health-conscious audience with the help of InVnity and Vpon’s AI Ad designers.

The Results:
Using features like Inpainting, Img to Img manipulation, & Dreambooth, the team was able to create a whole marketing campaign with ads and perform A/B testing in a week. What normally would take a month to accomplish was expedited with the power of InVnity AI. The campaign ad creatives also experienced an increase of 33% in click through rate (CTR) and an overall increase of  57%  in website traffic. Checkout the full InVnity Case Study of Loft Brew Here.

InVnity AI Image Generator enhances efficiency, allowing designers to explore more possibilities quickly. It continuously learns and improves ad materials through real-time analysis and data refinement.

Vpon aims to drive advertising breakthroughs by integrating AI and big data. They will enhance “InVnity” through continuous growth, learning, and collecting novel data to better understand the audience visually. The goal is to tailor cost-effective ad designs to individual brand audiences, delivering innovative and personalized messages.


The true impact of AI image generator tools is yet to be felt. Industries are only just beginning to experiment with this technology. However, it’s already clear that businesses that are willing to use AI tools will gain an edge. It will be easier than ever to create, customize, and track their campaigns. This means more effective, more customer engagement, and most importantly, more sales.  

InVnity, AI image generator is a powerful marketing tool for your campaigns.  If you are looking to try it out for your next marketing campaign, we encourage you to visit InVnity and contact us for a quick demo.



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