《MingPao X Vpon》Leveraging Big Data to Make Effective Decisions and Predict the Future

All-Rounded Talents are Highly Attractive in Big Data Industry

Big data is playing a vitally important role in almost every industry. Corporates today are always seeking for data analytics talents to optimize performance and enhance competitiveness. Vpon’s COO Arthur Chan claimed, “The knowledge and skills that are necessary for data industry is ever-changing. As so, all-rounded talents with strong curiosity, patience, and international vision are highly preferable in data industry.”

Arthur also mentioned “Big data analytics is widely applicable to various industries, including finance, tourism, retailing, e-commerce, environmental protection…etc. Data analytics belongs to an emerging industry, many fields and challenges might take years to explore and tackle. Thus, data analyst needs to be patient and curious. Besides, both cross-cultural and cross-region mindsets are essential for data analysis. Taking the rejuvenation of tourism industry as an example, Vpon optimized the strategy for travel-related organizations to re-attract the tourists after the pandemic, by leveraging Vpon’s specialized data capability and analyzing traveler profiles.”

Excellent Performance of Vorch Internship Program

Vpon co-organized a Vorch Internship Program with Hang Seng University DSBI Program, providing opportunities for younger generations to gain hands-on experience in the data industry. Meanwhile, Arthur has been invited by the university as a guest speaker, to share paradigm shift in future data analytics development. DSBI Program integrates both data science and business intelligence, which is a comprehensive program that responds to industry needs. “Students have acquired both analytical skills and business foundation, the graduates are capable of acting as a bridge between front-end and functional departments. They also present an enthusiastic working attitude with excellent performance.”

Arthur maintained that “Corporates around the world are now bracing for data analytics talent shortages, creating a tremendous opportunity for the data industry. To stand out, students have to learn and equip themselves continually, to keep up with the market trend. It is also important for them to understand their strengths and weaknesses.”



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