Industry Hitter on Board: Former IBM General Manager Mr. Jason Hsu Officially Joined Vpon as Business Advisor

Vpon Big Data Group (Vpon), a leading big data company in Asia, is thrilled to announce that IBM Former General Manager Mr. Jason Hsu has officially joined Vpon as business adviser and will bring value to Vpon’s business strategic expansion and organizational change.

About Mr. Jason Hsu

Mr. Hsu obtained his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, U.S.A. He is now the adjunct professor at both the National Taiwan University’s leadership program and the National Tsing Hua University’s EMBA and MBA programs. Prior to that, he was CEO in GE Taiwan and general manager in IBM Taiwan.

Mr. Hsu has been a seasoned executive in the digital industry with extensive cross-national working experience. In 2000, he insightfully stated that it is necessary for every industry to proceed with digital transformation to gain their competitive advantage in the digital era.

Focus on Cultivating and Nurturing Next Generation Talents

Mr. Hsu believes that it is essential for organizations to have the mindset, determination and the sincere devotion to nurture the younger generation and implement corporate succession plan. While serving as the CEO of GE Taiwan, he always emphasized the importance of “Learning by Doing”, assigning challenging tasks to trainees in their rotation programs across various functions and developed young talent’s problem-solving skills in the environment of increasing uncertainties.

Mr. Hsu also particularly takes pride in the sense of responsibility and sense of devotion of Taiwanese towards their work. He admires their work ethic, high expectations and professionalism — “If professional knowledge is deemed as ‘hard skills’, such enthusiasm and perseverance are ‘soft skills’, which are the biggest advantages that enable Taiwanese talents to stand out in the Asian and international markets.”

Expanding data commerce and promoting Taiwan as global data hub

In the past 12 years, Vpon has dedicated to providing effective and highly customizable data solution for clients. The company has attached much importance to data talent training. In addition to active talent acquisition, Vpon has also regularly hosted data seminars and internship programmes, while providing more opportunities for the younger generation.

This week, Mr. Hsu was invited to attend the inauguration ceremony as Vpon’s business adviser. Vpon’s Founder and CEO Mr. Victor Wu said that Mr. Hsu’s invaluable experience and connections in cross-national technology field will assist Vpon to foster its market position in the data industry. His substantial experience in organizational transformation will also empower Vpon in refining data professionals and corporate strategic reformation. He also pointed out that Vpon values same vision with Mr. Hsu’s philosophy. He believes with Mr. Hsu joining the team, his expertise will magnify Vpon’s corporate and business strategy, and further cement Taiwan as a global leader of data development in the near future.


data applications and transactions

Vpon values data applications and transactions and has committed a great number of resources to build a legal and compliant data transaction platform.

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