We promise that every voice will be heard

In light of the recent #MeToo movement, we are reviewing our policy and measures regarding to the issues of sexual harassment and gender inequality. We cherish the courage of every individual who speaks out and we are committed to ensure that our internal policies align with relevant governmental laws and regulations. Additionally, the internal response mechanisms will be reviewed and optimized in regard to the safety and rights of our employees, safeguarding their well-being and working environment. The company will actively review, adjust, and optimize relevant policies to enhance the quality of our response measures, and most importantly, to provide employees with the respect and protection they deserve. We believe that every employee should feel safe and respected in the workplace, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or any other personal characteristic. In addition to the company itself, we encourage all employees to actively participate in building a positive working environment that is free from harassment and discrimination.

To achieve this goal, the company commits on taking the following actions:

  1. Establishing a Zero-tolerance Policy: We will review and optimize the company’s existing policies on sexual harassment and discrimination, clearly defining that any behavior in violation of these principles will be subject to severe disciplinary measures set by the company. We encourage employees to report any form of misconduct and ensure that all reporters will be protected.


  2. Training and Awareness Education: We will provide regular training and related awareness education aimed to educate employees about various forms of sexual harassment and discrimination, and provide appropriate response strategies. This can raise awareness and understanding of such issues, emphasize mutual respect in the workspace, and help empower the employees to speak up and protect themselves when necessary.


  3. Strengthening Support Systems: We will review and enhance our support systems, including confidential channels and professional counseling services, to provide employees with a safe environment to share any concerns or issues. We are committed to strictly protect employees’ privacy and provide appropriate support and resources. It is important to document relevant evidence and procedures related to incidents, ensuring mutual understanding between the company and employees and enabling proper handling of the situation.
  4. Implementing Specific Disciplinary Measures: We will reevaluate the company’s internal code of conduct and disciplinary mechanisms, clearly outlining the standards and implementation criteria. We will uphold principles of objectivity, fairness, and professionalism, and ensure strict enforcement of these measures.

Vpon Big Data Group, in collaboration with all employees, is committed to eradicating sexual harassment and discrimination, and promise to create a healthy and inclusive working environment. 


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