Vpon Japan @Tourism EXPO Japan 2019 in Osaka

Vpon Japan has recently participated at Tourism EXPO Japan 2019 which was held in Osaka from 24 to 27 October, one of the world’s leading tourism trade events in Japan.  


The Expo this year has gathered many key tourism and travel-related players where we had the opportunity to share our data expertise in Japan inbound tourism with the on-site visitors, in particular our successful showcase with Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau in helping them to increase inbound travellers growth and spending in Osaka through our data solution.


Thanks to all visitors and business practitioners for their tremendous support in this year’s EXPO who have enjoyed our sharing on Vpon’s advanced data capability and successful showcases on driving inbound tourism in Japan. If you have missed out this opportunity, please visit our website (www.vpon.com) or contact us directly for more information.