Vpon Big Data Group launches Wee Global Data Marketplace in Asia

In the age of data domination, data-driven decision making is the core of organizational and corporation development.   Vpon Big Data Group (Vpon) officially launches the Wee Global Data Marketplace data transaction platform at 4 April 2022 in Taiwan. One of the first of its kind, Wee Global Data Marketplace not only allows data exchange and transaction between organizations, but also ensures the integrity of the data through carefully selected, assisting data demand-side to obtain a comprehensive, all-rounded data solution. Through its latest launch, Vpon strives to build a data economic ecosystem, spearheading data economy’s leading position in Asia’s emerging industries.

Victor Wu, Vpon’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Awareness for concepts such as data transformation has skyrocketed in the past 2-3 years, creating a strong momentum for data economy development. Through our abundant data sources and an extraordinary data team, we aim to cement the data industry in Asia and place ourselves in the global scene. Wee Global Data Marketplace ensures the data’s value and credibility of our data partners through a rigorous data verification mechanism. Vpon      is one of the few companies in the industry to be certified with both ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and ISO 27701 (Privacy Information Management) by the British Standard Institution. Through launching Wee Global Data Marketplace, we set a milestone for Asia’s data industry with a product that possesses high data security while supplying valuable solutions to help our clients grow.”

With the stringent screening and certifications up to par with industry standards, Vpon offers high-value data with highly credible security with Wee Global Data Marketplace. Since its soft launch in Japan last year, it has garnered support from administrative agencies and organizations across Japanese prefectures, such as the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau and Jeki, a company affiliated to Japan Railways Group. As in Taiwan, Wee Global Data Marketplace has established partnerships with numerous top companies, including corporations and organizations such as Visa Inc., MacroMicro, Mdata Group Co., WeatherRisk Explore Inc., NextDrive Co., TMS Technologies Co., and Organization for Data-driven Application, Digital Transformation Association etc., with industries spanning various sectors including finance, economics, consumption analysis, weather, transport, electrical data and more. Vpon Big Data Group aspires to initiate data partnerships across multiple industries, striving to assist over a hundred data demand-sides and data suppliers to establish partnerships and transactions through Wee Global Data Marketplace.

Since Google and Apple Inc. have announced their adjustment of data tracking policies, there has been rising awareness of users’ personal information privacy, making it increasingly difficult for third parties to gain access to data. With Wee Global Data Marketplace, Vpon strives to build an impartial data transaction platform, supplying a secure and credible data transaction environment, connecting supplier and demand-side. Wee Global Data Marketplace has launched in Japan and Taiwan and is actively seeking out possible partnerships in Asia and beyond, assisting corporations and organizations with actual data needs to solve issues related to management, marketing and decision making, and mitigate the current data technology challenges     in the age of technology through the Wee Global Data Marketplace.


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