Vpon won 4 categories in the 19th National Brand Yushan Award in 2022

The award ceremony for the 19th National Brand Yushan Award was held on October 19, 2022, and the most competitive brands were selected to receive their awards. Vpon, a leading brand offering comprehensive data solutions, has won the award for the third consecutive year this year, and is a winner in four categories for the first time, which include the “Outstanding Enterprise Award,” “Outstanding Enterprise Leader Award,” “Outstanding Product Award: Wee Global Data Platform Big Data Trading Platform,” “Outstanding Product Award: Vnity AI Platform Artificial Intelligence Platform.” With winning in three categories in each of the previous two years, the company has received a total of ten awards.

Vpon once again became the only award-winning company in the big data industry. Vpon founder and CEO Victor Wu was once again recognized by Vice President Ching-Te Lai who presented the award in person. Victor thanked the panel of experts and scholars from various industries who conducted a rigorous review of the quality and core value of the brand to select the most competitive international companies and would also love to share the joy and results with the company team members who spared no efforts in making the achievements possible.

For the two “Outstanding Product Award” categories, Chief Data Officer Dr. Hood Chang and Vice President Cheng Liao of Vpon also went on the stage to receive the awards and recognition. Vpon is very grateful for the support and affirmation from customers and employees and will continue to adhere to the corporate culture of “Entrepreneurship, Openness, and Altruism,” enhance brand value and provide customers with the best product quality and services. Vpon will also continue to be a model of success in the big data and artificial intelligence industry and work to become a leading enterprise in the world.


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