【Success Stories】Expeditious Data Application Coming into Force|Lee Kum Kee Partnered with Vpon to Set Sail as a Multinational Winner

The coronavirus has crippled the world economy, leaving businesses facing enormous challenges, particularly for traditional corporations which found themselves unprepared for expeditious digital transformation.

In light of this situation, Lee Kum Kee, a world-renowned sauce and condiment enterprise, has recently partnered with Vpon to strengthen its regional expansion strategy by embracing Vpon’s data capability and expertise to achieve effective digital transformation.

Adopting Diverse Expansion Strategy in Different Countries

To help Lee Kum Kee develop a diversified marketing strategy while fulfilling distinctive needs in Japan and Singapore, Vpon has proposed a differential approach for Lee Kum Kee to reach and expand the potential customer pool effectively.

【Increasing Brand Awareness and Exposure in Japan Market】
he sauce and condiment market in Japan is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace. Lee Kum Kee is keen to move with the times to optimise digital marketing. Thus, Vpon launched a data-centric audience communication strategy for Lee Kum Kee to understand more about the market needs and consumer habits in Japan.

Vpon discovered the proportion of young family household is increasing and aimed to broaden the audience pool by targeting these groups of audience. Then, further incorporated this data insight to customize creatives and deliver to potential target audiences, such as launching “busy mama, busy baba in year-end” to align with seasonal needs during New Year celebration.

【Expanding Market Penetration in Singapore Market】
On the other hand, the brand presence is already well-established in the Singapore market. Yet, traditional marketing methods can hardly reach a bigger audience pool, especially involving the younger generation. Vpon sorted out loyal campaign clickers and leveraged own proprietary DMP to analyze and map out audience profile by embracing previous campaign data. Then, the company classified two different tiers of audience to apply lookalike modeling and find out audience who shared similar DNA of the already-engaged mobile users. Based on this data learning process, Lee Kum Kee facilitates a more direct and relevant communication with potential audience groups.

Data as the Key to Accelerate Effective Digital Marketing Approach

LKK representative said that, Without doubt, embracing data value is an inevitable move in this digital era. We highly appreciate and commend the tremendous effort made by Vpon on helping us to expand regionally through digital transformation, which has achieved tangible and beneficial results to us.”

 The pervasive diffusion of digital technology leads to a new business model in almost every industry, and data also becomes an inseparable element for digital transformation. Any corporation that intends to kickstart or optimize digital marketing strategies could embrace the use of data instead of a conventional approach. Partnering with data experts like Vpon and capability could also be an alternative.

Finding New Route to Expand Internationally

Many traditional corporations may still struggle to use conventional marketing approach, for instance, TVC, direct mail, print ads…etc., usually leads to wastage of resources and ineffectiveness. To a certain extent, technological advancements have triggered the need for current businesses to reinvent themselves through digital. Hence, creating a comprehensive digital roadmap would be vitally important for future development.

▍Full Report: https://reurl.cc/e9V3DW

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