Vpon Joined Japanese Government-Affiliated Institution DSA to Strive for Data Safety Ecosystem

Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”), the leading big data company in Asia, has dedicated to promoting the importance of data safety along pushing forward the development of data business. Recently, Vpon has officially joined Data Society Alliance (“DSA”), an institution affiliated to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan, which aims to achieve neutrality, transparency and fairness in the data industry, as well as to materialize safe and secure data usage. DSA has been active in engaging with and recognizing companies that follow regulation to build a healthy and sustainable data cycle on national standard. Vpon participated in DSA as a model of safe data company to boost the sound development of data industry.

The Raise of Importance in Data Safety

As technology and data application have become ubiquitous, the concern of privacy and safety turn into a big issue among corporates and consumers. It was discovered by the survey of Security Boulevard that the total amount of data leakage cases and cyber security problems doubled in 2020 compared with the figure in 2019. The information security problems will damage both the reputation of companies and user security, as well as will cause public concern towards the development and access of data, which turns out to harm the data development.

In the light of the market concern, Vpon has always put protection of mobile users’ privacy at the first place. Vpon’s Chief Data Officer, Dr. Hood Chang, said, “Vpon emphasizes heavily on safety in data usage since we adopt ‘data deidentification’ to keep the consumers’ personal information confidential but facilitate user profile analysis.”

Vpon is Recognized by Japan on National Safety Standard

Japan has been recognized globally for its strict standard and regulation of privacy and safety. DSA, having the vision of utilizing data to sustain world innovations, has been determined in pursuing neutrality, transparency and fairness in data business to maintain circulation and achieve a data-driven society. The institution takes data as an important asset to inspire industries and strengthen Japan’s global market competitiveness. This also shows the Japanese government strong attitude towards the importance on public privacy and data usage.

DSA often partners with companies and organizations to solve data issues in different fields of industry. Joining DSA is a notable recognition for Vpon’s years of endeavor to provide safe data usage and the collaboration has significantly benefited the establishment of a data safety benchmark in Asia-Pacific region to maintain the sound development of data ecosystem.

Vpon Founder and Chief Executive Office, Mr. Victor Wu, stressed that, “Data development is undoubtedly important, while data safety is crucial. Vpon aims and is determined to create a safe and worry-free environment for our clients in customizing the most effective data strategy and solution.


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