【Success Stories】Data Driven Automotive Industry Growing Against the Tide

Case Background – Traffic Behavior Changes with the Pandemic

The global automotive industry experienced a significant downtrend last year, but Taiwan’s automotive market recorded the highest growth rate within the past five years. The pandemic situation and government subsidies are the primary reasons that Taiwan can grow against the tide. Meanwhile, the public was also concerned about using mass transportation system, which gave rise to a new demand for automobiles and drove new car sales during COVID.

In response to the situation, Vpon aims to bring value to the industry by leveraging advanced data tech and solutions to cope with pandemic change, helping our client develop a corresponding marketing plan to uncover more potential customers and create business opportunities.

Three Main Challenges

1.Difficulty in reaching and communicating with TAs

Past marketing strategies are decided based on brand and sales. However, this does not necessarily provide understanding to customers’ needs and profile, which resulted in wastage and inaccuracy.

2. Similar marketing approach; High cost for transformation

Growing importance in technology has made auto show no longer the preferred channel of communication. Yet, many auto brands fail to adapt to this new trend to target potential customers accurately.

3. O2O Unable to track offline performance

O2O strategy has always been auto industry’s novel practice. However, the pandemic has disrupted their market plans which makes digitalization and optimization even harder.

How Can Vpon Help – Three Step Approach to Optimize O2O Marketing Strategy

1. Mastering the Key Data to Identify & Reach Target Audience Group

Unlike general auto ad mainly focus on performance effectiveness. Vpon leverage multi-dimensional Data Management Platform (DMP) and data sources from client-side to uncover more potential target audience and deep dive into their profiles.

Vpon divided three levels of vehicles based on average sales figures

Luxury Car

Premium Car

Economy Car

Leveraging data to get insight into the customer behaivour and profile of specific group of audience, for instance, majority of luxury car users tend to be male, they usually engage in 3C products and interested in education and tourism. By understanding the audience profile, Vpon can deliver customized advertisements to the right audience to maximize the data value.

2. Leveraging Data-Driven Solution and Continuous Optimization

Further adopt PDCA cycle, after formulating digital marketing campaign. Optimizing the entire O2O marketing process, by planning in the early stage; execute and develop in the middle stage; regularly check, monitor and modify the strategy in the long term.

3. Verifying Market Performance by Advanced Geolocation Technology and Offline Tracking

By Vpon’s unique POI geolocation data technology, you can better understand the audience who visits the offline auto shows after browsing the ads and the changes in the number of mobile devices and traffic across different regions and time periods. During the phase III of the campaign, there was 32% increase in the online to offline conversion.

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