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Browsing traffic value more than you think.

Monetize your worldwide traffic

With operation teams across seven offices in Asia, we offer best practice on turning your website and mobile application traffic into real income. Bridging well-developed advertising platforms with websites or apps, it allows strategically selected advertisements to display and contribute to profit.

Support multiple advertisements display across platforms

With extensive experience on mobile advertisement display, we mastered all ad formats including banner, interstitial, native ads, video ads, and more, across websites developed in a different programming language, mobile application in both iOS and Android environment.

Extensive Experience

Vpon served across 1,500 renowned corporates, including clients, agencies, media and more over the years, our comprehensive experience is valuable to every project.

Transparent and up-to-date service channels

An open and transparent online platform allows real-time access to income report, users can strategically select advertisement category or brands to be displayed.

Data analysis resources

Vpon provides in-depth data analysis giving insights to partners on user profiles.


By embedding ads to free and trial versions app, developer will receive a stable income stream. You may also promote paid apps by other cooperation approach.

Vpon offers such advantages as precision targeting, superior brand marketing resources, quality ad production and creative effects that maintain and improve app image, minimize audience intrusion, improve audience participation and effectively increase CTR, which in turn generate more ad revenue for developers.

Vpon mobile advertising platform currently calculates revenue with both CPC and CPM (Cost Per thousand impressions) model. The system dynamically calculates daily revenue based on actual app data for fair, impartial and sensible revenue sharing. Every app can realize its brand value as a mobile ad carrier.

  1. You need to register an account. Then receive the e-mail and activate the account as instructed.
  2. Log in at the ad management platform.
  3. Add the app and get the License Key.
  4. Download the corresponding SDK and complete embedding per technical instructions available at Vpon Wiki.
  5. Test the ad features and then upload your App to the App store for promotion.

Vpon supports Android, iPhone, iPad and website ads. Developers may download specific SDK based on the requirement. Though iPhone and iPad shares an SDK, you will have to set the preference in it.

Log in at the ad management platform and click on Apps. You can view impressions, clicks, CTR and income of various time periods.

Carefully plan where to put the ad in you app and allow the highest LBS authorization possible based on app characteristics to precisely match app users to the ads. Of course improving quality continuously, attracting more users and bolstering stickiness are the most effective ways to grow ad revenue.

All along, Vpon strives to create a platform for the accurate placement of mobile advertising, to accurately find the target audience for customers, and to bring relative revenue to developers. To this end, Vpon constantly reviews the ad exposure, number of ad clicks, and ad click time for each app. If the ad data is found to be abnormal, the developer has violated Vpon’s service agreement, and Vpon has the right to suspend its account. .
Account suspension details: When you enter the correct account password but can’t log in to the ad management platform, you may have been suspended due to a violation of the service agreement. Please help provide the information and reply to the questions below so that we can do further research for you:

  1. Developer name and contact number
  2. App’s App Store or Google Play link URL
  3. Have you ever purchased traffic for your app?
  4. In arranging advertisements, is there any means of forcing, inducing, or allowing the user to click on the advertisement in any way unrelated to the content of the advertisement?
  5. Do you have to click on the ads on your own app?
  6. Do you generate or receive automated / BOT traffic?
  7. Is it sufficient to ensure that the SDK is working properly?
  8. How to promote your app? What kind of pipeline does the user know about your application?
  9. Please provide any description of the situation that may cause traffic anomalies

Please e-mail the above information to partnership@vpon.com, we will handle and review it as soon as possible, thank you!

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