• DMP Light

    DMP Light

    Tourism’s big data solutions and application platform

What is DMP Light ?

A data product specifically designed for tourism industry
to accelerate digital transformation with the application of big data

  • Tourist footprint analysis
  • Digital traffic analysis
  • Data insight
  • Strategy and decision making
  • Strategy implementation
  • Digital marketing with data application
  • Activity effectiveness verification
  • Strategy optimization

DMP Light Characteristics

Mobile data collection technology

1st party data collection
Establish database for client exclusively
LBS data processing technology
Multi-dimensional data aggregation technology

Combination of data and industry knowhow

Visualization of tourism data
Drive data insights and decisions
Utilize tourism data for digital marketing

Iterative optimization of effectiveness

Strategy assessment for effectiveness
Review digital marketing results
Optimize marketing strategy with data

DMP Light Key Functions

Tourist footprint analysis

Tourism trend and profile analysis

Digital traffic analysis

Traffic analysis of websites and Apps; users’ profile analysis

Activity effectiveness analysis

Digital marketing activity, media traffic, O2O, event traffic analysis

Looking for a change?
DMP Light is what you need!

  • Don’t make decision on a hunch. Data-driven decision is the key
  • Using own data effectively
  • Tracking the effectiveness of strategies and marketing activities
  • Pursuing digital transformation and operation optimization

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