How Digital Transformation is Driving The Customer Experience

To stay profitable and competitive, a business needs to innovate and develop. This is why so many successful companies have digital transformation strategies. When it comes to creating the right customer experience & journey, a digital transformation strategy is essential.

As technology develops, customer service expectations are refined and elevated. Improving customer experience with digital business products is something no company can ignore.

The covid-19 pandemic caused a massive shift in customer expectations and behavior. Customers now expect businesses to provide them with instantaneous help online. This includes quick communication across various online channels and highly tailored customer journeys. 

The problem today is that traditional companies can expect customer satisfaction and retention to falter as they will be left behind in today’s fast-paced and competitive market.

Without the right data, the smart analytical tools, & the right digital system in place, these companies are destined to fail in the long run.

Businesses need to understand the importance of digital transformation in modern commerce. Forward-thinking CEOs and leaders are already well aware of the importance of embracing innovative technology. Business leaders know this is the key to both short-term and long-term profitability.

Below we will look at Digital Transformation and discuss why your business needs a Digital Transformation Strategy.

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What is Digital Transformation?

So, what is digital transformation, and why is it essential for your business?

When a company uses digital transformation, it transforms business practices using new digital processes & utilizing new technologies.

When business owners commit to a digital setup in the future, they are planning for future success. This can involve a complete overhaul of how traditional companies approach their business. Businesses begin placing the customer journey at the forefront of their thinking.

With this simple paradigm shift, they will start increasing customer acquisition and retention. They enable business flexibility, market agility, and the ability to pivot when needed. With a digital transformation, businesses are well prepared for sudden market changes and working towards long-term sustainability. 

There are four principal areas businesses must look at when formulating a digital transformation strategy:

  • Digital Transformation of Business Processes to meet modern customer needs.
  • Transformation of a Business Model to fit the needs of the digital age.
  • A Company Culture Transformation as business priorities and customer demands shift.
  • A Transformation of Business Technology and Domains. (e.g., companies may start using Cloud computing.)

Why do Businesses Need a Digital Transformation?

You can expect various benefits when you have a digital transformation strategy in place. Some of these include the following:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Did you know Forbes mentioned that 96% of customers will leave you due to bad customer service? Digital technology offers more specialized customer service interactions and customer journeys than ever.

As a result, the customer expectations & retention for your business will have never been higher. Today customers expect fast, efficient service with instantaneous results. Having a  digital transformation strategy includes the digital processes needed to meet these customer expectations. By embracing a digital transformation, could get the feedback you need easily and with measurable data to make better changes in the establishment for higher customer satisfaction.

Higher Quality Customer Experiences

By building a strong digital transformation strategy, you can also create high-quality customer experiences and journey. Higher quality customer experiences promote brand loyalty, help you retain customers, and encourage brand advocacy. They are the key factors that keep your customers coming back and spreading the word about your business. Today there are tools & softwares available that help your customers gain the best experience to accentuate your business even more.

Digital Data Will Give You Improve Insights for Your Business

Through a digital transformation, your business will have the valuable data your business needs adapt to your customers needs. As  more detailed data is collected your business make these improvements, find gaps, and see market opportunities better. Businesses that are just starting and need additional first party data, can actually find industry data sets from a global data platform to help find new potential markets as well.

From sales, service, marketing, and even internal business operations digital data from a digital transformation strategy a measurable way for businesses to get the insights they need to make changes in the organization with the right data to guide and back up your business decisions.

See Better ROI Using the Data Tools and Analytical  Software

Embracing digital transformation means investing in software & having the right team to support profitability and create ease of use. With a data ecosystem businesses can get complete overview of their business in a measurable way.

Having a data ecosystem in place, ensures your business can easily do the following:

  • Identify new customer service channels.
  • Find new Target audience & market segments.  
  • See potential market threats before they occur.
  • Access critical business data to consistently improve processes and customer service operations.
  • Create bespoke and tailored digital processes which support your company’s profitability.
  • Create and customize customer experiences
  • Use measurable metrics to make better informed business decisions

Customer Productivity and Communication Will Improve

Customer service performance and productivity will improve due to better communication between employees and departments. A digital transformation will result in quicker response times and fewer miscommunications using the right technologies.

A Flexible and Agile Business Model

Today having more accessible data is key for any business to stay competitive in the market. Having a digital transformation strategy in place will ensure that your business will have the key data metrics & analytical tools available to make better and smarter market decisions.

Reduce Damage Caused by Human Error

Having digital transformation will help your company will deal with fewer customer complaints, data errors, and inefficient processes. A defined digital process minimize the room for human error & ensure the same high level of performance every time. Improving customer service levels, productivity, and profitability

How digital transformation impacts & drives customer experiences

Embracing digital transformation involves a company culture shift. It would be best if you started putting customer journeys at the forefront of business strategies. Whether you are B2B or B2C focused, customer expectations will rise as technology evolves.

The current expectations of your customers may include the following:

Quick and easy first-time Interactions online.

Consumers are now spending more of their money online on various purchases. From clothing stores, groceries, online shopping, services, digital products, and utilities. A digital transformation helps your business create a the first engagement with your customers online.

Thus developing a customer journey that is painless as possible is crucial for success. Customers expect support via live chat, streamlined service, and clear messages to help them understand your business better.

In the digital age, customers want services that complete transactions without delay. Forbes reports that the average attention span of a customer is only eight seconds! So, you need to make sure that you make the most of that time before they give up and try one of your competitors.

Customers Expect Omnichannel Service

Todays customers wants a robust and streamlined experience regardless of their communication channel. Your business must be present and available on all expected media and online channels from online chats, social media, email, and etc.

You will notice that distinct parts of your customer base prefer to contact you differently. Using only one or two methods of communication may damage satisfaction levels.

Define Your Business Objectives and Business Outcomes

Before you get into a digital transformation, you need to identify your objectives in your digital transformation strategy. But also the types of metrics you will use to measure success. 

Develop measurable objectives. These could include:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer retention
  • Quicker online journeys for customers
  • Better customer acquisition. 

Assess Which Processes Need to be Digitized

Assess your operations and measure them against the expectations of your customers. Which areas need to be updated and improved if you are going to remain competitive in today’s market? Does your customer service department need a technological overhaul? Are your current operations inefficient and taking too much time?

Research Digital Solutions

Look at what new software and digital processes are available. Assess whether they help you meet your unique business aims and objectives. Keep up with new developments, market trends, and your sector’s growth. 

Define Your Digital Transformation Strategy 

Create a business model designed to thrive in the new digital age. Think about profitability, customer-focused service, and market adaptability. Select the new processes and software that will support these aims.

Be Flexible and Willing to Adapt

With your new digital transformation strategy, you can’t afford to rest! You should constantly assess market trends, customer service levels, and efficiency. Digital software will give you the flexibility to adapt to new market developments.

Use Data to Your Advantage

Make sure that data back all your business objectives and decisions, whether digital data about company performance or customer behaviours in your industry.


Committing to a digital transformation strategy can be an overwhelming experience, so hence working with the right digital transformation agency will be a key factor in making the transition go smoothly.

At Vpon Big Data our team of experienced data experts & scientists has helped hundreds of organizations, governmental agencies, and businesses with their digital transformation. Work with a team that knows what they are doing and experience all the benefits a digital transformation has for your business today.

Experience The Digital Transformation



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