• AppVois


    Keep Track on App Market Trend and User's Preference

What is AppVois?

Proprietary Data Analytics Platform for App Market​
Mastering market trend and individual user’s preference in a glimpse​

Individual user’s App Preference
Explore hot trends by different App category
Understand other player’s market positioning
Overall trends of App market

3 Exclusive Features

Clear Picture on Individual App User Profile

  • Identify user preference of specific App ​
  • Explore competent cross-industry cooperation
  • Compare and contrast market positioning between your own and others’ Apps

Parallel Comparison on App Trends

  • Observe App market trends of different players
  • Seize the golden timing to expand your business
  • Grasp market opportunities in a glimpse

Extension Services

  • Data analysis report
  • Data segment
  • Data tagging/labeling

4 Main Functions

Clearly view the weekly Top Viral Apps

View weekly App trend and ranking analytics by
specific or overall App category

Diversified indicators of App trend and ranking analytics

Through different indicator’s ranking to identify
market positioning

In-depth analysis between Apps

Understand market penetration install and
uninstall rate by comparing selected Apps

Observe the features and preference of App’s target users

Through the insights of App users’ preference to
further know user’s profile and preference

When do you need AppVois?

  • Hope to know the potentiality of your own App on the market and wonder who are the potential users of your App.
  • Wonder the difference of user preference and penetration between your own App and others’ Apps.
  • Want to instantly discover the emerging Apps in the market.
  • Hope to grasp the install and uninstall rate of your own App anytime.
  • Discover the market opportunity as well as modify products and find out suitable collaboration partners.

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