• Ad Delivery
    Capture your “Mobile-First” Audiences at Scale

Vpon, as a leading big data company in Asia, creating solutions for clients, brands and publishers that can seamlessly connect with their customers in the mobile arena, making data as part of their assets to deliver business results.

Brand Awareness

We can help connect to your ‘mobile-first’ audiences through high-quality ads and premium traffic to increase engagement from our broad coverage of more than 900 million unique devices across Asia.

Targeting Precision

Filtering to target your specific audiences
  • Geo-Location
  • Time & Frequency
  • Identify look-alike segment

Diverse Ad Formats

Support various creative ad formats
  • video
  • HTML 5
  • native ad, etc


Place ads across different devices
  • smartphones
  • tablets


Your acquisition efforts in driving new customers through mobile advertising will be hassle free in the combined power of our mobile data and dedicated experts. With access to a wide selection of mobile data, you can precisely acquire and retain high-quality customers.

High Ad Conversion Rate

Increase App Download

Multidimensional Optimization

Maximize Your Business ROI


Mobile phone is now an essential part of daily life for billions and there is no exception while travelling. For clients, even if your audience travels anywhere around the world, Vpon can help you reach your target travellers via mobile ads throughout their entire journey anytime anywhere.

Before Trip

Track online consumer immediately when they visit travel-related webpages. Identify the audience with high interests through “look-alike” technology.

During Trip

Target travellers using locations, operating systems, languages, carriers, etc. Attract travellers to visit specific attractions and retail stores.

After Trip

Record user behaviour and retarget. Suggest travellers’ next destination and promote travel product.

Success Stories

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Vpon has recently collaborated with ZA Bank to demonstrate how new players embrace data to entice its audiences in the competitive banking market.

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Embracing Data Insights to Facilitate Special Segment Targeting for Online Learning

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Secret to Brand Success - Reaching Poten...

Vpon helped our Client reach potential customers with better click-through-rate through precise data and audience segment analysis based on existing data and tools.

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