Vpon is honored to be the Winner of 2015 Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year

Victor Wu – Winner of Mobile Marketing Agency Executive Manager of the Year

2015 Excellence Agency & Advertiser of the Year was announced. Vpon Big Data Group is very proud to receive four major awards, namely Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year, Mobile Marketing Agency Executive Manager of the Year (Victor Wu), Creativity on Media of the Year (Gillette) and Cross-Media Marketing of the Year (7-ELEVEN Fun Dice for Cool Summer). Victor Wu, CEO and founder of Vpon, said the company aims to provide the best targeted marketing solutions for clients with big data technology. The awards give Vpon strong recognition from adjudicators, advertisers, clients, and the industry as a whole. They also prove that Vpon’s big data technology has undoubtedly helped advertisers create highly innovative marketing strategies.

Victor indicates that winning 2015 Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year comes from effective corporate strategies, “Vpon has offices stationed in  Hong Kong, Japan, Shanghai and Taipei, which its service covers across APAC region. We acknowledge the battle field between brands will go beyond geographical territories in the future, while getting hold of customer’s behavioral data becomes the key of winning the market. Big data technology is our core value and different offices are the frontline of our service. As a result, our strategic business structure stretches across Asian region. Vpon could always provide clients with the best solution service with great efficacy!”