Shikoku Tourism Report – Understanding the “Deep Travel” Needs of Taiwanese and Hongkonger

The pandemic situation is continuously affecting the tourism industry, be it inbound or domestic travel. As Hong Kong and Taiwan are planning to reboot their travel sector, a survey including 12 tourist attractions in Shikoku is conducted to examine the “deep travel” needs of Taiwanese and Hongkonger.  

Highlights :

  1. Amongst the 12 tourist attractions, Taiwanese and Hongkonger have a stronger preference for “Nikobuchi (Kōchi)” and “Angel Road (Kagawa)”.  
  2. The difference between the “degree of interest” and “willingness to act” are significantly greater in “Naruto Vortex (Tokushima)” and “Kazurabashi (Tokushima)”.  
  3. Upon the characteristics of the 12 tourist attractions, we classified 4 key elements that Taiwanese and Hongkonger may consider during “deep travel”, including “Openness”, “Forestry”, “Fulfilment” and “Uniqueness”.  


▍Full Report (Japanese version only) :