Leading A New Era Of Marketing: Vpon Rolls Out “DataBond” To Integrate Marketing And Customer Data


Jun 16, 2017 – Hong Kong, China

Ever since Vpon started its business, it has been committed to its belief of “Data Drives Transactions”, and dedicated itself to providing the market with cutting-edge data-centered solutions (also called “Data+ Solutions”).  After years of data accumulation and technology advance, Vpon has rolled out the brand new “DataBond” with the core concept of Data CRM!Ever since Vpon started its business, it has been committed to its belief of “Data Drives Transactions”, and dedicated itself to providing the market with cutting-edge data-centered solutions (also called “Data+ Solutions”).  After years of data accumulation and technology advance, Vpon has rolled out the brand new “DataBond” with the core concept of Data CRM!

Most of the brands have been focusing on CRM (Customer Relationship Management, and communicating with their customers through e-mails, phones, social media, and so on. However, in the big data era, the problem of current practice is that the data generated from those methods cannot be well-connected and managed, and thus the fragmented information makes the salespeople and marketers difficult to make the best judgment during the communications with customers. The DataBond speaks for itself that it’s a service that integrates with data connectivity, linking, and consolidation. DataBond not only links up the massive of data, but also has the various dimensions and labels intersect with each other for brands to pinpoint loyal users, and to improve customer communication effects.

Plenty of marketing tactics are widely known when it comes to branding- and performance-oriented campaigns; however, how to make the best use of data by finding the data intersection through continuous data refinery is still a challenge for advertisers.  In recent years, the Data Management Platform (DMP) has become a buzzword, and more importantly, brought the revolutionary change on managing and utilizing the data. It’s said that building up a brand’s owned DMP could be very costly. The expense of maintenance, such as technical personnel and database facility, could never be under-estimated. The risk of suspending the project may occur when a firm cannot stick the balance between the resources and benefits.

DataBond: Finding the loyal users without any personal privacy involved!

To solve advertisers’ problems, Vpon has developed a light version of its data management system, and that is the DataBond. The core of the DataBond is the intersection of the various dimensions, digging the underlying information to build strategies based on the massive amount of data. The fundamentals of the analysis reside in the unique device ID’s of the mobile phones. Unlike the cookies collected on the PC’s and automatically reset after a period of time, the device ID’s cannot be reset easily and allow us to analyze user behavioral patterns way more accurately.It can identify information, such as the user’s location, types of APP preferred, language used, etc. Without any individual’s privacy involved, such technologies surely break through traditional marketing and provide a simple and concrete approach for brands which need to focus on a group of high-value users.

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Dashboard Snapshot of DataBond: tracking on users’ travel behavior through mobile devices

Derived from the concept of data intersection, the DataBond+ Solutions consist of three major categories:
● DataBond+ Branding
● DataBond+ Cross-border Marketing
● DataBond+ Performance Optimization


Data Solutions: “Curing” brands’ pain points with the combination of Western and Chinese medicine

Western medicine may heal patient’s pains within the shortest period of time, while Chinese therapies may gradually work up to getting the whole body in balance. The DataBond combines these two approaches: 1) utilizing Chinese medicine’s four ways of diagnosis – look, listen, question and feel the pulse, to detect clients’ problems, analyze online traffic, and compare the data to eventually upgrade as a whole; 2) acting as Western medicine to solve the problems close at hand within a short period of time, such as budget allocation of marketing strategy and media channels, and the improvement of ad performance with decreasing costs.

Airline industry: Formulating local and international marketing strategy with DataBondThe marketing strategy of the airline industry is more sophisticated among the various industries as it needs to increase the market share in both local and international markets, and to launch service that meets market requirements based on the trends in each market. Also, online ticketing is the norm in the airline industry, retaining loyal customers through online channels appears to become one of the most essential elements to succeed.

Different from the market approaches of making directional strategies first and then following up to look at the results and data, DataBond does the other way around: formulating the marketing strategies by understanding the insights on both company and customer level, insight driven from the data.

On a company level, a firm is allowed to evaluate whether the demand and supply of its flight routes meet by analyzing the number of times of search for certain flights. Additionally, by understanding the time difference between traveler searches and the departure time of every city, the airline company can adjust the timing for running ads to promote seasonal offers and discount information. 

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Screenshots of the DataBond dashboard: the duration between the date to search and the date of the flight departure (the lead time to book flight tickets), number of travel days, and flight distances

On customer level, the customer segmentation can be defined by the frequency of the transactions, the complexity of flight destinations, etc. to categorize customers into different types, such as business travelers, non-business frequent-fliers, and general tourists, and then develop customized marketing messages and packages for each segment.


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