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Google has strict requirements for businesses that want to become certified partners to ensure a high level of professional competence. Today in Asia, there are less than 5 companies that have passed 3 certifications.

  1. Data Collection (GTM)
  2. Data Analysis (GA)
  3. Data Visualization (Data Studio)

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Data Collection and Governance

Professional Data Migration Services

As Google Analytics 3 is retiring, it’s time to migrate all that valuable first-party data to GA4.  
Vpon has a seamless and safe platform to help businesses export raw user data, cleanse data, transform data, host data, & monitor data quality. By using Vpon’s proprietary ETL module, raw data could be exported to BigQuery on Google Cloud Platform using a more comprehensive structure to fulfill the needs of future data analysis. Through this seamless process, enterprises can immediately start collecting first-party data to explore new business opportunities & make smarter data-driven decisions.

Complete Data Integration

Create a Comprehensive Customer Marketing Journey.

Successful branding strategies today require a more comprehensive customer journey.  
By integrating data from apps, websites, offline stores, CRM, & other sources companies can now create a complete customer experience using precise marketing strategies.  
Vpon’s data science team takes this to the next level by consolidating this data and laying out precise customer segmentation, behavior descriptions, customer demands, and consumption patterns to develop powerful marketing strategies for better marketing results.

Data Analysis and Insights

Efficient, Extensive, & Accurate Machine Learning Data Analysis Platform

The Vpon data analysis dashboard uses a special dual system layout to display market insights in a more friendly & visual way. For quick data analysis, our platform has 7 vital data layouts so businesses can get a quick customer overview, obtain user profiles and behavior, but also explore the source of website traffic and interaction.

  • User 
  • Ecommerce
  • Traffic
  • Ecommerce
  • Products
  • Search Console
  • Advance Audience Profile

For more advanced customized customer data analysis Vpon’s platform can take all data collected and combine the data with CRM analysis modeling. This powerful combination of data modeling & machine learning will help give your business a deeper understanding of your customer’s consumption patterns, find new customer segments, & even develop strong customer brand relationships. This technology will help your business achieve better business forecasting, improve service recommendations, & develop stronger customer experiences.

The Power of the Customer Device ID

The Data Applications of Creating a Complete Customer Profile.

Building a complete customer profile could not be easier. By combining app data & website data with a complete GA4 database, any business can create a full customer profile by linking the customer ID. It also can easily integrate the data with Google Ads or DV360 giving companies an edge in precise ad targeting & marketing.  
To enhance the customer profiles, even more,  Vpons platform can continuously synchronize off site tags from our Wee Global Data Marketplace platform, app preferences, consumption data, POI data & integrate offline behavior tags with GA4. Building a solid foundation for marketing & digital advertising strategies.

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Through Vpon’s data expertise, we assist ABC-Mart to provide one-stop services, including first-party data platform construction and management, data analysis, modeling, and visualization.  Using de-identified usage data to predict market trends and adjust strategies to achieve desired goals.

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