Whether you want to direct traffic from Online to Offline (e.g. physical stores), or direct customers from an Offline environment (e.g. physical events) to Online to further amplify influence, develop relationship, and increase engagements, Vpon knows how to do it.

Online-to- Offline
With precise audience targeting technology, mobile advertising designed with discount coupons and user-friendly functions (such as providing location instructions, importing events into mobile calendars, etc.) can effectively guide consumers to shop at retail stores or participate in offline events.
Offline-to- Online
Connected with in-store POS (Point of Sale) systems, the offline promotions through prints and outdoor advertising can guide consumers to continue interactions online with the brand after purchasing to build brand loyalty.
O2O Data Integration
Vpon possesses online data from mobile devices and offline data from Wi-Fi hotspots and Beacon, allowing Vpon to integrate primary data and secondary data through partnerships and create complete consumer profiles of online user behavior and offline lifestyles.
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