Vpon Expands its Premium and Vertical Coverage and Improves its Platform Transparency

Vpon Launches a Comprehensive Enhancement on its Award-winning Mobile Advertising Platform, Expanding its Premium & Vertical Coverage and Improving its Platform Transparency

Asia’s leading big data ad technology company, Vpon Big Data Group announces the launch of its collaboration with multiple hero media and app partners, including New York Times (Simplified Chinese version), Camera360, Qunar, Youdao,  Skyyer, OpenRice, Movie Express, and more, to further broaden and deepen the premium and vertical coverage of Vpon’s award-winning mobile advertising platform*.

With the dedication to providing a transparent and healthy digital advertising environment for its advertisers, Vpon has augmented the premium coverage by collaborating with prestigious platforms and initiating the strategic partnerships with travel-related media to advance Vpon’s cross-border marketing solutions in terms of data collection and audience targeting implementation. Moreover, by assembling the quality media across Asia, Vpon provides a flexibility for advertisers to go beyond the geographic boundary, and to plan their marketing strategy in a regional level, rather than a local perspective.

Arthur Chan, APAC General Manager at Vpon Big Data Group said, “The enhancement on Vpon’s inventory enables advertisers to reach their target audience precisely through the quality media. These collaborations have built on top of Vpon’s strong foundation of Data Management Platform, which allows the platform to enrich audience profiles and behavioral data to the next level. The partnership can surely actualize the power of data and implement precise audience targeting through the Demand-side Platform (DSP) and Private Marketplace (PMP), helping Asia’s advertisers to drive transactions.”

Vpon Premium Media Resource across APAC

On the other hand, Vpon endeavors to deal with another hot topic hitting the industry – media transparency. While maintaining a complete transparency is rather challenging, Vpon has committed to take steps to create a transparent and healthy digital advertising environment to foster a sustainable development. The determination has driven Vpon to expedite the inventory verification with one of the leading global measurement and analytics companies - Integral Ad Science (IAS). Now, advertisers are able to monitor the ad campaign viewability and brand safety level through IAS tracking across Vpon’s mobile app and web inventory, empowering advertisers to comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of their ad campaigns in multiple dimensions.

Chan explained, “We at Vpon have witnessed many brands struggling to maintain brand images when throwing themselves into the digital marketing field. Brand names are valuable yet vulnerable. We acknowledge the importance of providing a platform with quality ad inventory to advertisers, and that’s why we work restlessly to suppress ad fraud and guarantee the viewability on our mobile advertising platform. And we are happy to see over 90%** of our inventory are eligible to be measured by IAS, proving our efforts on creating a transparent environment. As a market leader, we always strive our best to maintain a healthy ecosystem and development.”

Click here: https://goo.gl/CDXjEs to check out how we embrace the transparent and healthy digital advertising environment. 

If you wish to learn more about Vpon’s solutions and services, please reach our team at sales.global@vpon.com.

* Won the bronze of ‘The Best Mobile Advertising Platform’ at 2017 Mob-Ex Awards, presented by Marketing Magazine in HK.

** The percentage is based on the overall results of Vpon’s ad campaigns during June, 2017 under the IAS in-app inventory verification process.



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