Vpon Together With the World's First Free Roaming “i-Sim” APP Helps Advertisers Maximize Tourism Revenue

Taiwanese outbound visitors surge along with the new fashion for overseas tourism year after year, and it was recorded to reach 14 million visitors as of the end of 2016. Thus, it is a prevailing tidal wave to grasp the business opportunities from these tourists with high purchasing power through the implementation of cross-border marketing. In helping the advertisers get hold of the huge cross-border tourism business opportunities, Vpon has announced a strategic collaboration with Green i-Sim, a communication startup in Hong Kong. Advertisers can now expose their advertisements though Vpon to the targeted tourists on the “i-Sim APP”, a platform designed to target at tourists and for an outstanding result.

"FREE Hong Kong, Japan, Korea Data Roaming Redemption Campaign" is a brand new cooperation program that has recently been co-launched by i-Sim and Chunghwa telecom. Chunghwa telecom’s mobile subscribers simply need to download the "i-Sim APP" and register without charging any extra charge. To use, one must select the data plan option, click on the in-app advertisements, and after accumulating a certain amount of usage, the users will be given serial numbers for free Internet roaming without the necessity of changing to international SIM cards. This campaign is now the most innovative marketing model in the market. Vpon stated that, given Chunghwa telecom has over 10 million 3G/ 4G mobile subscribers, the usage of "i-Sim APP" must be soaring with the approaching of summer vacation (aka a peak tourist season). It is suggested that advertisers take advantage of the "i-Sim APP" as an advertising channel to target tourists’ 3-stage journey: before-, during-, and after-trip, leading to a win-win situation for both brands and consumers.

Ad Placement Illustration: interstitial ads will be shown when the app is being opened, or after clicking on the topic icons, users may see the ads and visit the advertiser’s Facebook page or website if interested.

Philip Lai, Chief Executive Officer of Green-i Motion Ltd., said "yet the “FREE Hong Kong, Japan, Korea Data Roaming Redemption Campaign” for Chunghwa telecom subscribers has not been formally launched in Taiwan, it has set off a sensation already. The campaign has not only triggered lively discussions in several travel-related forums, but also caused the “i-Sim APP” download to leap. More importantly, with Vpon's strong experiences in cross-border marketing, Green i-Motion feels confident in the collaboration with Vpon. We expect ‘i-Sim APP’ to bring a richer variety of domestic and international offers with favorable contents and quality ads to our end customers. The collaboration between us and Vpon will expand from Taiwan to other countries pretty soon to conduct a comprehensive cross-border marketing cooperation.”

As a cross-border marketing expert, Vpon has been committed to providing advertisers with evolving target marketing approaches towards tourists. Thought the “i-Sim APP,” the ads can arouse customer interests, build brand awareness, and then drive customers to take actions such as flight and accommodation booking and itinerary planning before trip. During trip, the local information and discounts can be delivered accurately by detecting the tourists’ digital footprints to stimulate the tourists’ visits for consumption. In the “after-trip” stage, the brand messages can be continuously delivered to the target audience and maintain customer loyalty. Based on the accumulated mobile behavior data, Vpon is able to optimize the ad performance and to improve the ROI (Return on Investment) of advertisement inputs. Victor Wu, the CEO of Vpon also said that he always gets excited about such collaboration with the innovative business model in the market. The collaboration between Vpon and Green i-Sim is going to become the number one in the industry. It will provide advertisers with a media channel that can target tourists more accurately and take Vpon’s cross-border marketing to the next level.

For more information on cross-region marketing, please feel free to contact sales.global@vpon.com.



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