Vpon now launches the Interstitial Vertical Video Ads to improve mobile user experience

Vpon has launched its latest interstitial ad format to support the Vertical Video Ads for our advertisers to improve the mobile user experience as well as the video ad performance. The view completion rate of the vertical video ads is 9 times higher than that of the horizontal ones, according to a data released by Snapchat. Viewers now can watch the full-screen interstitial vertical video ads while holding their smart phones upright, without flipping their smartphones horizontally. With the full-screen vertical video, customers are able to have a better impression about the brands and the new ad format allows advertisers to achieve the branding purpose effectively.

Long has the widescreen format been the norm. As the number of smartphones is growing and the viewing screens can be rotated at will in users’ palms, the video-watching behavior has been changed. Over the years, smartphones have overtaken televisions to become the main stream of video watching platform, and the time watching video on smart phones has increased continuously. The vertical video favoring mobile users’ behavior has grown its popularity.

In the U.S., the time that people watching vertical videos has increased 7 times from 0.4 hours in 2010 to 2.8 hours in 2015, according to eMarketer. Thanks to apps such as Facebook Live, Twitter-owned Snapchat, and Periscope, people are more likely to shoot mobile videos in portrait mode with one hand holding the smartphones upright and in turn viewers have changed their watching habits.

“Mobile-first is not a new concept; however, the challenge for advertisers and marketing agencies is about how to further develop this concept to augment a better user experience for the mobile users. Vpon is dedicated to developing our technologies revolving the ‘Mobile-first’ concept, so we launch the Interstitial Vertical Video Ads to fulfill the changing video-watching habits in this year.”, mentioned by Taiwan Executive Deputy General Manager at Vpon, Lily Wang. She further commented that “Through big data analytics, Vpon is able to deliver ads in an optimal format based on viewers’ different scenarios. Vpon is looking forward to seeing our advertisers to capture the trend and make the best use of this vertical video ad format to bring out more creativity to the industry and make the watching experience more enjoyable.”

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