CIO Outlook Magazine recognizes Vpon as one of the Top 10 Big Data Solutions Providers in the APAC Region

Vpon, Asia’s leading big data company, has been featured in the prestigious list of the Top 10 Big Data Solutions Providers by APAC CIO Outlook magazine, one of the most well-known magazines published from the hub of technology Silicon Valley with editorial presence in all major APAC countries.

APAC CIO Outlook magazine's top 10 Big Data companies mentions prominent organizations in the industry that are capable of leading their advertisers or clients towards excellence by catering to their specific requirements and helping them to enhance their expertise in their respective fields.

Vpon is ranked for its big data analytics capability focusing on the area of mobile advertising and its extensive media resources reaching over 900 million of mobile devices across Asia with up to 21 billion real time biddable inventory that helps advertisers to bolster revenue streams and deliver quicker ROI. With proprietary technology of big data processing, analytics capability and data-driven mobile solutions, Vpon has served more than 1500 renowned brands to successfully drive transactions.

“This recognition validates our effort, service expertise and data analytics capability to bring greater end-to-end data-driven solutions for advertisers, delivering greater value to all our existing advertisers in the APAC region, and spurring opportunities for accelerated growth in mobile advertising.” says Arthur Chan, Chief Operating Officer of Vpon.

For more details, please see https://www.apacciooutlook.com/magazines/November2018/BigData//#page=46



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