Free Wi-Fi

Offline data collection to complete customer profiles

Wireless internet service is an innovative mobile advertising channel. Wi-Fi knows the exact location of each target audience, and therefore is also an effective channel to reach cross-border travelers!

Vpon collaborates with Wi-Fi service providers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan, which operate tens of thousands of wireless hotspots in popular shopping districts and major tourist attractions.

When consumers and travelers connect to Wi-Fi at these hotspots, mobile ads can be shown in the best position to benefit from a strong correlation between ad viewer's scenario and location. This helps advertisers to precisely target residents and travelers in these urban areas for better advertising influence and O2O (Online-to-Offline) marketing conversion.

Unbeatable Benefits

High engagement and brand awareness
Precise location and audience identifications
Efficiently guide viewers to stores
Reach travelers in tourist attractions

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Snapshot

Transit Hubs

43.5 % of clicks come from users who are less than 3 kilometers away from the store location.

Thanks to LBS, the high correlations between ad clicks and store locations lead to a high CTR and guide consumers to visit nearby retail stores. The benefits of delivery ads through free Wi-Fi can surely boost the number of visitors and likelihood of purchase.

Note: "No Location Information" may indicate that users have not activated GPS on devices or certain Apps do not authorize retrieval of location.



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