Demand-Side Platform

Massive Data from Greater China and Asia
  • Connected with mainstream ad platforms, Vpon DSP is able to reach over 900 million of mobile devices across Asia with up to 21 billion real time biddable inventory per day
Quick Lock-on, Accurate Forecast
  • 1000+ tags covering versatility and industry difference enable advertisers to segment properly
  • Increase CVR and CTR while reducing eCPA
Continuous Performance Optimization
  • Artificial intelligent engine builds models automatically to shorten the time for machine learning
  • Manual optimization mechanisms such as delivery frequency, black & white list of ad requests setting, also play a key role to boost performance

Extensive Media Resource to Reach Audience across Greater China and Asia


Multidimensional Targeting

Based on the accumulated data and prediction models on DMP (Data Management Platform), Vpon DSP achieves precision marketing models, such as retargeting, look-alike targeting, and more.
The platform supports multiple dimensions of group targeting. Over 1000 tags cover diversity and industry differences, such as the cross-border travelers and consumers across industries.

Powerful Big Data Infrastructure Enables Proprietary Algorithm to Optimize Ad Campaigns Real-Time

The combination of Spark and Hadoop infrastructures offers a powerful computing and big data storage capability . This platform can track impression, click, and user behavior of every mobile device. Additionally, Vpon’s platform supports OpenRTB Specs, and the unique algorithm empowers advertisers to acquire highly potential and engaged users through programmatic buying.

Supports Third-Party Monitoring, Tracks and Optimizes Progress in Real Time

Vpon supports multiple mainstream ad verification platforms for advertisers to check any discrepancies in the campaign results. Meanwhile, Vpon DSP can track campaign data in real time and instantly create customer profiles, in order to improve the performance continuously and efficiently.

    Campaign data includes:
  • Ad impressions clicks
  • Number of webpage visits and visitors
  • Number of App downloads, installations, registrations, etc.
  • Advanced result tracking, including adding items into shopping carts, placing first-time purchase, making in-App payment, etc.


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