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Mobile Ad Formats

In addition to standard banner ads, Vpon provides various mobile ad formats specializing in catching users' eyeballs with creative features such as videos, store locator, etc., to generate high CTR and conversions.
* To experience the ads, you can scan the QR codes shown while mouse-over, or just click on the images with your mobile devices.


Vertical Video Ad
Video Interstitial Ad
Horizontal Video Ad


Interactive Rich Media

Interactive Features

Location-Based Service

    With a leading LBS ad platform, Vpon helps brands provide users with mobile ads highly relevant to their location
  • LBS ad may be placed in a specific area based on advertiser needs – precise to a 1.2*1.2Km square.
  • Store location can be imported to place ads in the neighborhood for real O2O (Online to Online) marketing.
  • High relevancy between ad and mobile subscriber location increases ad acceptance and CTR.

3-Tiered Filter and Fraud Detection

In order to ensure our clients' ads are seen by humans, Vpon layers in fraud detection technology to filter out factors that may affect mobile viewability in advertising.

Repeated Exposure Filter
When a single ad is repeatedly exposed on a certain device, repeated exposure will be automatically filtered.
Ad Viewability Detection
Ads will be displayed completely and will count as a valid view that lasts for more than 1 seconds.
Click Fraud Detection
Vpon can detect click spam and prevent ads from being repeatedly clicked by a single device intentionally.
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