Traffic Monetization

Vpon understands that App developers have spent so much time and energy on developing meaningful Apps to help people improve their lives. Now let Vpon help you turn your mobile traffic into a constant stream of cash flow! Over 1,000 developers have worked with us to their satisfaction.

Superior Advertising Resources
As we have been working closely with 1500+ renowned brands and major 4A agencies across Asia, we can supply more and better brand marketing resources that assist you to monetize traffic.
Fair Revenue Share
Based on both CPC and CPM model, we calculate daily revenue dynamically using parameters including impressions, clicks, CTR and unique users. The fair and sensible method ensures ad revenue for quality Apps and meets advertiser needs.
Smart Platform Support
Vpon's SDK supports multiple platforms, which can be seamlessly integrated into your Apps. Moreover, Vpon continuously updates its SDK to identify the latest mobile ad trends. This attracts viewers to click, in turn generating more revenue for your traffic.

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