Performance Optimization

Campaign performance is not just your concern, it is also Vpon’s motto - Data Drives Transactions! Vpon provides you with the best return on your investment through Big Data analysis and the latest mobile technologies, supported by a group of dedicated data scientists and experienced campaign managers.

Ad Conversion Rate
Thanks to the continuous collection of data and prediction model, you can reap the benefits of mobile marketing through traceable attributions and monitor the performance efficiently.
App Download
Vpon can help you refine audience profiles to increase App download volumes and usage, building up a loyal population of users for your Apps.
Return on Investment (ROI)
Applying the RFM model can develop a deeper understanding of consumer behavior, while the “look-alike” technology can target high potential customers and drive return visits to your e-Commerce websites.
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4-stage Optimization Strategy

Audience-oriented Data Accumulation
  • Define audience within target segments
  • Expand impressions and accumulate effective conversions
Multidimensional Optimization
  • Optimize multidimensional targeting strategy through both manual and machine learning
  • Enlarge customer base via Look-alike technology to target like-minded audience
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tracking
  • Enhance performance via optimized real-time bidding engine, along with manual adjustments on ad frequencies, period setting, etc.
  • Analyze results with lower costs
Performance Stabilization
  • Stabilize performance and allocate budgets on acquiring new users
  • Exert full advantage of long-term data marketing

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