• Vpon Escalates Asia Market Expansion:  Joe Nguyen and Basil Chua Officially Join Vpon Big Data Group as Senior Consultants to Strengthen Southeast Asia Market Development

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Vpon CEO and Founder, Mr. Victor Wu has been honorably crowned “Outstanding Business Leader” at National YuShan Award and was invited to meet with President Tsai Ing-Wen

[30th November 2020; Taipei, Taiwan] Vpon Big Data Group CEO and Founder Mr. Victor Wu is honorably crowned “Outstanding Business Leader – National Champion” and “Outstanding Business Leader” at the 17th National Brand YuShan Award Ceremony and Vpon has also been crowned “Outstanding Enterprise” at the same time. This has also earned the recognition from President Tsai Ing-Wen and invited Victor to a meeting with the President yesterday.

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Virtual Banking Apps’ Market Share Surge within Two Months and Exceeds Traditional Banking for The First Time

Since the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) granted eight virtual banks licenses earlier in 2019, virtual banks have actively pursued traditional banking market in different ways. Compared with traditional banks, opening a virtual bank account is simpler and faster with a more attractive preferential interest rate. This bring us to a question: How Could Traditional Banks Survive in Future Financial Market?

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Vpon Big Data Group Launches US$10 million Debut Fund – Vpon Ventures Aims to Invest and Boost Asia’s Big Data Ecosystem

Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”), the Asian leading big data company, gladly announces today the official launch of its strategic investment arm. Called Vpon Ventures, the initial capital of this evergreen fund is 10 million US dollars. Vpon Venture’s investment will concentrate on big data, A.I. and new economy-related industries in Asia, covering companies and startups in Japan and Hong Kong.

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Vpon Secures USD 40 Million in Series C Funding Leading into the New Era of Big Data Redefining Data Development in Asian Market

Vpon Big Data Group, a leading big data company in Asia, announced today that it has secured USD 40 Million in Series C fund. Investors include government-supported investment institutions Cool Japan Fund (“CJF”) and STIC Investments (“STIC”), Tokyo Stock Exchange listed group, Beenos Inc. (“Beenos”, TSE: 3328), and Hong Kong travel-tech investor TripLabs Limited (“TripLabs”).

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TechOrange Inverview | Adopting data-driven approach in acquiring new potential cardholders

Our Chief Operating Officer, Arthur Chan, has been featured in a recent exclusive interview with TechOrange to share his insights on the common traditional digital marketing approach that clients often adopt to reach its defined target audience. Like many aspects of marketing, it involves a lot of resources in the repeated trial and error process resulting in significant increase in marketing cost and eventually decrease labor efficiency. Clients should begin adopting the use of Big Data analytics in defining the right audience segment and make better business decision which ultimately enable continuous business growth.

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Vpon X Business Weekly Cover Story

Vpon, a leading big data company in Asia focused on big data analytics capability built with cutting-edge technology in delivering data-driven mobile advertising solutions, and Want Want China Times Media Group, one of the largest media publications in Taiwan, announced today a key …

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