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【Anti-Fraud Declaration】

July 30, 2020 –  Taipei This declaration is to clarify Vpon has never engaged in any investment or solicitation activities. Please refer to the following statement for details: Recently, our company’s brand, Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”), has been abused by unscrupulous dealer on promoting fraudulent financial data research project, which turns out to be a gambling deception. We hereby declare that Vpon, in its daily data business and research projects, has neither engaged […]

Vpon HK @HKUST Career Mosaic 2019

Vpon HK has attended the Career Mosaic at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology this year with the opportunity to engage with current students and teachers in meaningful ways which includes offering internship or full-time job opportunities as well as advising students considering big data career paths.
Thank you all for your enthusiastic and heartwarming support and we are overwhelmed by receiving over 80 pre-applications from students interested in pursuing a career in the data field. We enjoyed very much in connecting with highly talented students to talk about our company culture and values. We hope you all had a great experience in meeting our Vponers and gained a basic understanding of the big data industry.

Vpon Taiwan X The Green Box – The Flying V Project

Vpon Big Data Group has always been committing itself to the development of big data and data application, we aim to have a positive influence on the society while giving back to the community is an integral part of Vpon. We have now become part of the Flying V project organized by Green Box with our dedication to bringing organic and healthy fruits to every waiting foster babies.