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#LifeAtVpon We are here for you!

Health and safety of our Vponers are our top priority during the pandemic. As Taiwan is battling a spike in Covid-19 cases, Vpon has arranged office sanitation, A/B team system to ensure workplace safety for Vponers. A ‘Vpon Care Kit’ was distributed to boost Vponer’s immune system and reduce their risk of being infected. Can’t […]

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Vpon Taiwan obtain both ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 Certification

Vpon Taiwan is pleased to announce the obtainment of ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and ISO 27701 (Privacy Information Management) Certification from British Standard Institution (BSI), becoming a very few big data company to attain both certifications and setting an exciting milestone for the data industry. Vpon is rooted deeply in the big data industry, […]

Unlocking The Secret To Video Advertising Trends

In the age of the never-ending influx of livestreaming content, video has won the race in grabbing eyeballs in a shorter time and grasping the hearts of consumers when compared to text, thus becoming the golden child of driving sales for major brands and corporations. Apart from the traditional televised advertisements and outdoor billboards, smart […]

AppVois presents data-based app market analysis!

In the age where everyone’s hands are glued to their phone, mobile phones are installed with apps to handle the needs of everyday life. Through analysing the trends in the app market, brands and corporations can improve their products and services by directly identifying targeted user profiles and behavioural needs. Vpon’s AppVois is a proprietary […]

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What is Big Data? Introduction and Analytics

What really is big data and how do we maximise it?

Data analysis has been the hot topic in this digital era, but what really is big data? How could we use data insight to improve decision-making? Keep reading as we are going to breakdown the 3 key actions of big data application with real life examples, and the best practices on your big data journey.  What really is […]