• Vpon HK took home a Gold award at Mob-Ex Awards 2019

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【Anti-Fraud Declaration】

July 30, 2020 –  Taipei This declaration is to clarify Vpon has never engaged in any investment or solicitation activities. Please refer to the following statement for details: Recently, our company’s brand, Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”), has been abused by unscrupulous dealer on promoting fraudulent financial data research project, which turns out to be a gambling deception. We hereby declare that Vpon, in its daily data business and research projects, has neither engaged in solicitation to gamble and raise funds through social community or communication software, nor cooperated with gambling platforms on marketing or unduly influencing others to gamble. Moreover, Vpon has not been associated with any person or affiliated party to engage in any above-mentioned illegal and improper public or private activities. Vpon is determined to prohibit all forms of fraud and deception. If users have any doubt on a third party carrying out the above-mentioned activities associated with our company’s brand, you are advised to record evidence and report the case to your respective local law enforcement agencies as soon as possible. Vpon Big Data Group

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Congratulations to Vpon JAPAN office expansion

Vpon JAPAN is on a rapid international growth path, we have seen continued growth since we first opened for business in Tokyo in 2014. We are committed to investing in the country as we help Japanese enterprises and Tourism Board make the shift to adopting data solutions for better digital opportunities in delivering to the right audience. As we move into a new and larger office space in Shinjuku, we will continue to expand our presence in Tokyo and across Japan.
We will keep recruiting new Vponers to fill up our new premise. Welcome to drop by our new office anytime in Shinjuku!

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2018 Vpon Annual Party: Our Times of the Uncharted Singers in Vpon

Vpon Big Data Group’s annual party was held yesterday at Taipei 101. With the theme of “Our Times of the Uncharted Singers in Vpon” as to celebrate our 10th anniversary, there were wide variety of programs during the annual party, such as live performances and singing competition with talented contestants including our Japan colleagues, who provided us excellent voices and hot dance performances.

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Hong Kong Shue Yan University “Big Data-Driven Communication Conference”

We are very honored to have Hong Kong Shue Yan University inviting us to participate in their “Big Data-Driven Communication Conference”. This insightful conference, hosted by the Faculty of Journalism and Communication, gathered a group of top-notch distinguished speakers to participate and share cutting-edge big data technologies and experience in their respective fields.

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Vpon @ Yourator Startup Job Fair 2019

Vpon had the opportunity to join as an exhibitor in Yourator Start-up job fair at the Taipei Arena this year. This unique recruitment event hosted by Yourator attracted thousands of ambitious job seekers who actively look for new career opportunities in the data and technology fields. Our Senior R&D Director, Cheng Lio, together with our Data Scientist, Gil Chen, shared tips and current industry trends related to developing and enhancing a career in data and technology, with more than 150 job seekers attended the session.

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Arthur Chan, Chief Operating Officer, is appointed as one of the Mobile Sub-Committee members of IAB Hong Kong

We are delighted that IAB Hong Kong is entrusting Arthur with this new role, leading the mobile advertising arena along with other Committee members as to accelerate the innovation and transformation of mobile advertising in Hong Kong through collaboration and information sharing as to better shape the future of mobile advertising for the advertising and marketing community.

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Vpon won Agency & Advertiser of the Year 2018

We are thrilled to have been named “Best Data Company of the Year” for the second consecutive year at last night’s award presentation jointly organized by the Taiwan Advertisers Association and Brain Magazine. We also took home 2 more awards – Gold Award in “Best Mobile Marketing Company of the Year” and Silver Award in “Entrepreneur of the Year (Mobile Marketing Company) – Arthur Chan, Chief Operating officer”, adding impressive recognition to Vpon’s long list of exceptional achievements.

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Vpon x WOP Travel Innovation Day (Taiwan)

Our founder and CEO, Victor Wu, was invited to be one of the panelists at the WOP Travel Innovation Day hosted by CHTA which was held on last Friday in Taiwan. Victor shared some interesting insights for the discussion on how Vpon has leveraged its cross-border travelers’ data to helping advertisers from tourism-related industries to broaden their customer base and revenue streams across APAC.

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