• TVBS News Interview | The Advent of Big Data Era: Controlling the Market of Bank Card and Travel

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The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak Resulted in Mobile Economic Boom! Identify New Business Opportunities with Big Data.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, it has posed significant changes in the mobile economic growth. Our recent data insights report reveals that the App users in the “daily shopping category”, “entertainment category”, and “news category” have the highest percentage growth while we have seen notable decline in the “travel category” after the outbreak. A surprising results have seen that the download rate of “video conferencing App” has a triple digit growth as more people work from home to avoid cluster infection occurred in workplace.

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TechOrange Interview | Adopting data-driven approach in acquiring new potential cardholders

Our Chief Operating Officer, Arthur Chan, has been featured in a recent exclusive interview with TechOrange to share his insights on the common traditional digital marketing approach that clients often adopt to reach its defined target audience. Like many aspects of marketing, it involves a lot of resources in the repeated trial and error process resulting in significant increase in marketing cost and eventually decrease labor efficiency. Clients should begin adopting the use of Big Data analytics in defining the right audience segment and make better business decision which ultimately enable continuous business growth.

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Chinatimes.com featured interview with Victor Wu: Framing Data Monetization in the age of Big Data to drive transaction

Victor Wu, Founder and CEO of Vpon, has been featured in a recent interview with Chinatimes.com to share how Vpon has successfully began using advanced data analytics to monetize the data itself from the advertising market to entering the Japan market with big data processing in inbound tourism.

In addition, Victor also shared his views on the current market trend, including the necessity of exploiting comparative advantages being a niche market player in Taiwan, for example, being a third-party provider of data licensing allowing global data to be exchanged in Taiwan especially tapping into a niche market through market segmentation to compete with multinational enterprises.

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Capital Magazine HK x Vpon Big Data Group: Using Data and Analytics to Fuel Business Growth in APAC

Following the recognition as the winner of the 2019 Big Data Solution Award in Capital Magazine’s Best of the Best Choice Award this year, Vpon’s Chief Operating Officer, Arthur Chan, has been featured in the latest edition of Capital Magazine to share the huge increasing interest from clients on the demand for big data which is now on the rise in APAC. In recent years, APAC has seen exponential growth in data and analytical complexity which Vpon has garnered significant experience in leveraging its advanced data analytical techniques and professional data strategy consultation to offer diversified and comprehensive data solution for a number of prestigious clients across the region. He also shared his insights on how today’s businesses can harness new data and technology to capitalise on the unprecedented opportunities in the inbound tourism.

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Vpon Japan 5th Anniversary Inbound Data Summit X News TV

We are excited to share this news coverage from News TV of Japan during our latest Inbound Data Summit held at The Strings Omotesando to discuss feasible and dynamic data solutions in addressing the challenges brought by inbound tourism, as well as to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Vpon Japan’s establishment.

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Economic Daily News x Gaining Competitive Advantages with Vpon Big Data Group

Victor Wu, Founder and CEO of Vpon, was interviewed by the Economic Daily News of Taiwan on how the vast proliferation of data accumulated in our data management platform plays an important role of prompting clients to focus on using data insights and data analytics for driving strategic business decisions and ultimately gain a competitive advantage to stay at the forefront of the competition.

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Vpon X Business Weekly Cover Story

In a recent interview with Business Weekly in Taiwan and Japan, our CEO Victor Wu along with Yoshitaka Shinohara, General Manager of Vpon Japan shared the topic on talent recruitment, Victor’s entrepreneurial journey of establishing Vpon and also the company’s strategic approaches of demonstrating our data capabilities in driving business growth in the Japan market.

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