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    A leading big data company in Asia

Business Weekly’s Media Coverage | Awarding Billion TWD Free Shares to Employees Makes a Hit among New Venture Groups. Victor said, “The good things will return to us.”

Vpon CEO and Founder Mr. Victor Wu was interviewed by Business Weekly to share his faith behind rewarding free shares to long serving Vponers and his hiring philosophy – “gathering talents with the same belief.” He also talked glowingly about the roller-coaster experience of starting a new business. Victor always believes that altruism can benefit oneself and finally creates a virtuous circle. That is, once Taiwan’s industry thrives, each enterprise will benefit from it, and everyone will lead a better life.

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CommonWealth Magazine’s Media Coverage | Turning JR Group and JNTO as Partners: The Secrets of Vpon Tapping into Japan Market in Just 7 Years

Vpon’s Founder and CEO Mr. Victor Wu was invited by CommonWealth Magazine, featuring a dialogue with Dr. Lee-Feng Chien, the former Google Taiwan Managing Director. They talked glowingly about the secrets behind Vpon’s 7-year endeavor for tapping into Japan market, as well as the ups and downs experience of starting a new business.

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Meet | Vpon Secures USD 40 Million in Series C Funding Leading into the New Era of Big Data Redefining Data Development in Asian Market

Vpon Big Data Group, a leading big data company in Asia, announced today that it has secured USD 40 Million in Series C fund. Investors include government-supported investment institutions Cool Japan Fund (“CJF”) and STIC Investments (“STIC”), Tokyo Stock Exchange listed group, Beenos Inc. (“Beenos”, TSE: 3328), and Hong Kong travel-tech investor TripLabs Limited (“TripLabs”).

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Business Next Media Coverage | Vpon Leverages 3+1 Data Analytic Strategy to Assist Companies in Developing Omni-business after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vpon is determined in assisting brands and clients in acquiring 3 (mobile, consumption, and profile) data +1 (travel retail) data to enhance their data usage capability and to accelerate their digital transformation. With Vpon’s support in analyzing consumer behaviors and delivering precise ad targeting, Adidas HK has significantly improved its customer engagement rate by 150%.

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