An award-winning mobile marketing campaign that resonates with target audience in a deeper level.

Target Communication via Mobile
Customer Engagement

Coca Cola has known for its creativity to bring out a happy brand image to customers. Through the latest technology, Coca Cola is able to communication and spread the joy with its audience. This time, Vpon helped Coca Cola connect with its audience via mobiles.

Vpon came out a mechanism that through an interactive design in the mobile ad to simulate the movement to make a toast with their friends. The campaign "Coke Cheers" encourages customers to have cokes while dining out with friends in the middle of a busy week - Wednesday (aka little Saturday).

Target Audience

College Students & Young Professionals
High Addiction to Mobile Devices
Hanging Out with Friends
Dining Out Frequently


Step 1
Push rich media interstitial ads to target audience
Step 2
Invite friends through messaging app
Step 3
Open the link in the message and bump two devices to cheer
Step 4
After the toast, a nearby restaurant coupon is sent to both devices

The coupon is delivered based on location, online behavior, and predicative preference analytics.

Additionally, Vpon leveraged the location-based technology to first identify the places that target audience often gathers to deliver ads and then surprise users by delivering coupons of nearby restaurants serving Coca Cola. Based on customer analytics, the coupons differed even if customers were located in the same area. Behind this simple yet interesting interactive ad, it was all about big data.

With the right audience, the right message at the right time and right place, the campaign had a remarkable performance generating 3.5 times more click rate and 4 times more completion rate than average, greatly amplifying Coca Cola's brand DNA – "joy" and "share". Utilized the mobile technology and big data analytics, the campaign "Coke Cheers" has also been gracefully recognized by several worldwide marketing awards including Festival of Media Global.