Advertiser Q&A

What is LBS Advertising?

Vpon is the first in Asia to offer an innovative mobile advertising network that combines LBS and mobile advertising. LBS technology enables advertisers to precisely target a specific area accurate to a 1Km radius centering on the actual point of interest, which helps advertisers minimize advertising budget and cost and maximize reach. In addition, LBS technology allows advertiser to locate the audience and show ads relevant to the location, which boosts audience attention, hits and participation.

What ad formats does Vpon support?

Vpon supports static banner, dynamic banner (based on HTML5) and full-screen ads (crazy ads). With HTML5 technology, advertisers can improve banner and campaign page interactivity and rich media creativity.

How to place ads via Vpon?

Please contact Vpon Customer Service.

How about charging criteria?

We support charging by CPM (Cost Per thousand impressions) and CPC (Cost Per Click). CPM is ideal for brand/corporate/product image as well as discount/distribution/promotion ads. CPC is best suited for advertisers who want to improve mobile app downloads.

How to improve placement?

Better results can be achieved by adjusting placement strategy, regular material updates, improved creativity, enhanced interactivity and rich media effects as well as increased budget.