Bring our "A" game with a group of game-changing Big Data experts

The ability to optimize performance rests on the perfect integration of the computers and the experts. The 'computer' refers to machine learning algorithms written by data scientists who should have a thorough and latest comprehension of Big Data; the 'expert' refers to a teamwork of campaign managers who strategize media plan based on years of experience and deep understanding of media. Vpon leverages these two strengths to help advertisers identify opportunities and stand out from the fierce competition!

Data Scientist

Data Mining Development
Data scientists should be equipped with critical capabilities such as statistics, program writing and professional knowledge, in order to develop intelligent algorithm and platforms such as Data Management Platforms.
Alchemy Through Data
Always one step ahead for our clients. Our data scientists' priority is to quickly make important beneficial discoveries from massive data and also to prevent your marketing dollars from spending on any invalid clicks and traffic.

Campaign Manger

Critical Insights And Know-how
On the basis of keen insights of media and understandings of consumer behaviors, campaign managers strategize every tactics in different stages, such as planning, projection, and optimization.
Deliver On Promises
Campaign mangers' careful observations into campaign executions and examinations of optimization strategies will lead toachieve clients' important mission of reaching KPI!


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