Data Management Platform

Collecting and analyzing data from first, second, and third-parties, Vpon's Data Management Platform centralizes and manages customer information in all forms, which subsequently extract value from data and turn customer insights into actions. Thus, the precise mobile ad campaigns can maximize advertiser's investments.

Data Collection
  • The cooperation with third-party data sources allows Vpon to provide unique insights into different segments, e.g. international travellers
  • Vpon’s DMP can match between online (cookie) and offline (CRM) customer records, helping optimize future media buys and ad creatives
Data Analytics
  • 1000+ tags cover versatility and industry difference
  • Big data analytics optimized by machine learning shorten the model development time
  • Data scientists and campaign managers use data visualization tools to better evaluate campaign performance
Data Activation
  • Ad campaigns accurately target audience across channels through multiple dimensions, such as demographics, locations, preferences on devices and apps, interests, etc.

How Does Vpon’s DMP Work?



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