Cross-border Marketing

Mobile devices are essential in consumers' day-to-day lives, and there is no exception while traveling. For advertisers, even if your audience travels to the end of the earth, Vpon can help you reach tourists via mobile ads throughout the entire journey at the best timing wherever they are.

Before Trip
Track online consumer once visited travel-related webpages.Identify audience with high interests through "look-alike" technology.
During Trip
Target travelers using locations, operating systems, language, carriers, etc. Attract travelers to visit specific attractions and retail stores.
After Trip
Record user behavior and retarget. Suggest travelers next destination and market travel product.
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Target Your Audience Wherever They Are

Big Data-Driven Mobile Advertising to Target Cross-Border Travelers

Trace Digital Footprints

The visualization tools, such as heat map that shows the hottest traveling areas, allow campaign managers to develop target marketing strategy in certain popular areas and tourist attractions for a better result.

Tourist Heat Map in Japan
Travel Heat Map

Tourist Heat Map in Tokyo
Tracking Movement

How It Works?



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