Developer Q&A

1Why embed mobile ads into app?

By embedding ads to free and trial versions app, developer will receive a stable income stream. You may also promote paid apps by other cooperation approach.

2Why Vpon mobile ads?

Vpon offers such advantages as precision targeting, superior brand marketing resources, quality ad production and creative effects that maintain and improve app image, minimize audience intrusion, improve audience participation and effectively increase CTR, which in turn generate more ad revenue for developers.

3How does Vpon share revenue?

Vpon mobile advertising platform currently calculates revenue with both CPC and CPM (Cost Per thousand impressions) model. The system dynamically calculates daily revenue based on actual app data for fair, impartial and sensible revenue sharing. Every app can realize its brand value as a mobile ad carrier.

4How to access Vpon SDK?

  1. You need to register an account. Then receive the e-mail and activate the account as instructed.
  2. Log in at the ad management platform.
  3. Add the app and get the License Key.
  4. Download the corresponding SDK and complete embedding per technical instructions available at Vpon Wiki.
  5. Test the ad features and then upload your App to the App store for promotion.

5What smart platforms does Vpon support?

Vpon supports Android, iPhone, iPad and website ads. Developers may download specific SDK based on the requirement. Though iPhone and iPad shares an SDK, you will have to set the preference in it.

6How to view statistics and income data?

Log in at the ad management platform and click on Apps. You can view impressions, clicks, CTR and income of various time periods.

7How about settlement?

You can access the balance via the log-in platform. We accept monthly settlement, which must be applied before 5th of the following month. Your payment will be made on the 15th of the month after next month. If there's further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at bd@vpon.com

8How to improve ad revenue?

Carefully plan where to put the ad in you app and allow the highest LBS authorization possible based on app characteristics to precisely match app users to the ads. Of course improving quality continuously, attracting more users and bolstering stickiness are the most effective ways to grow ad revenue.



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